When will Eon.next send vouchers via email or text?

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    It’s getting beyond irritating with the time it takes to get through to an actual person. In November, I spent almost two weeks going back and forth with someone in customer service who didn't seem to believe me that the post office scanned my November voucher and then told me it was invalid thus keeping the £66. It took multiple emails before he was able to see from recent top-ups of my gas and electric that no such £66 had been added just my normal amount. And now we are in January and I’ve only be able to successfully use October’s voucher. I was told November’s voucher was reissued and would arrive after December's, still waiting, December is on its way, still waiting for that! I’ve been told January is on its way and at this point i’m just laughing.

    I know the royal mail has been going through strikes and issues; However during the last 2 years my area has seen a steady decline in the royal mail posting regularly many have complained to our local MP as months have gone by for some without mail being received.

    Eonnext could created a system whereby they send vouchers through emails, text and post everyone would have a better chance of accessing the vouchers in a more timely manner. It’s been 3 months of the same trending issue in the news, of vouchers via post not getting to customers on time or if at all. The information shows the current system isn’t working for those who clearly need it most, so implementing a new system of delivery just seems like it’d save people a-lot of time on both ends. I don’t get why we can receive a bill or update info via email but not a barcode.
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    I totally agree with you there on the email side of things that would surely take the pressure off everyone it can be checked if it hasn't been received no paper waste there must be millions sent out from each company imagine how much time effort and resources that takes ,almost everyone has a phone or email of some sort now , royal mail have that much back loads now it's ridiculous they have actually made it harder for themselves threw the strikes , but I'm not convinced it was just a strike there's always more than meets the eye maybe a takeover is approaching 🤔 my local post office has never been so empty , after all it is a franchise maybe big companies in the looming , but yes it seems way more practical to email to those who have that available to them and less frustrating for the companies I'm sure they have had many issues with late or lost letters and I feel for the ones whom need that the most right now