Beads frozen on the EON Abacus

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    Something not quite right in EON.Next land. I had an Energy Shift target for 17.00 - 19.00 on 12th Dec to reduce from usual 2.08kWh to 1.66kWh (reduction of 0.42kWh). I turned ASHP and other things off. Meter readings (off Smart display) with photos showed I used only 1.00kWh. So I should have been well in the savings range. However, the results email told me I was a failure (well known fact to many in the household). Just in case the timing was out I dropped usage to 500W for 30mins before and after the time slot as well. Maybe the person driving the calculator thinks we have to reach the 'reduce by' amount to hit the target?
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    Hell only knows how all this malarkey is calculated. I'm not involved as I don't have or want a smart meter and I am a low energy user so any savings I make are a spit in the bucket.

    Two of the hamsters have died, the beads on the abacus possibly are frozen, and it would help vastly if there was some clarity and transparency on the methodology they use, which hat they are pulling figures out of and how the precise calculations are carried out.

    It's all about as Greek to me as the 'mythical' £2500 a year average energy bill cited by OFGEM.
    Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player. I DON'T work for or on behalf of EON.Next, but am willing to try and help if I can. Not on mains gas, mobile network or mains drainage. House heated almost entirely by baby dragons.
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    The exact timings of the Eon Energy Shift events which could be affecting results has been mentioned before.

    I have noticed that the reminder email "The countdown is on to use less energy and earn credit!" arrives 2 hours before the event starts!

    However the email "Your Energy Shift results will be with you soon." arrives 2 minutes after the event ends!

    Also considering that the smart meter only sends 30 minutes updates then the totals in the Bright energy app are also down to the 30 minutes and I can't see how Eon could be getting any other reading.

    There was also the raging debacle as to whether the Monday 12/12 event was a 2 hour event or a 1 hour in 2 hours event!
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    @retrotecchie I think I know how it is supposed to be calculated - it's just that EON.Next don't seem to be able to get it right. I'd have hoped that their early trials would have sorted any teething problems and have given them a solid foundation for the extended roll out. I've not had problems with meter readings and monthly bills etc. but I know some users have horrendous experiences. If it's the same team doing the EnergyShift it does go some way to explaining the debacle. (P.S. hope your baby dragons are well)
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    @Actual The two vs one hour confusion is such a basic thing to have got wrong. It's as if EON are not resourcing the initiative with enough people to do the basic reality checks before launching announcements. I bet there are few users on here that would volunteer for that job - for suitable recompense 😉