Smart meter outside frozen / stuck

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    Our smart meter outside (for electricity) is stuck on the same reading (4913kWh). The reading was taken on 28th Nov and I noticed days later it’s the same number, and now one week later it’s still the same (4913kWh).

    For how long it’s been stuck, I don’t know. It’s concerning.

    The IHD inside the house also stopped for electricity and likely related to the main smart meter outside not working. Gas seems fine both outside and on the IHD.

    However, Eon say they actually haven’t received a reading from our electricity AND our gas since AUGUST! But they’ve done nothing about that for nearly 4 months. So while the gas seems fine, I guess their SIM card isn’t sending them the data, or it’s a barefaced lie.

    So, my concern is that I have no idea how much electricity we’re using at the moment, and what our bill is at a time when prices are enough to give you a nose bleed. I’ve been through all the settings and options on the EDMI meter, I’m definitely looking at the right thing.

    Luckily the electricity meter was working back on Oct 3rd just after the price hike, and I took a photo of the reading on the meter.

    Question time -
    1/ Does anyone know what will happen with a frozen meter - will it be measuring and storing readings against dates in the background?
    2/ if it’s NOT storing data, Will I be charged to the point it stopped, or against an arbitrary estimated amount (and is that even lawful)?
    3/ how can I get it working again with eon who have said it’s 3+ weeks until the smart meter team will even look at the issue? I see Two power toggle switches (one blue, one brown ) under the meter, can I turn it off and on again to see if that fixes things?

    Many thanks in advance to community people with insight on this.
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    do not tamper with the meter- ever.

    the electricity meter is kaput and will need to replaced. The comms hub too likely enough. You consumption will have to be estimated bast on previous data, but if you can show you’ve made changes recently that would need to be factored in.

    it’s very unlikely that the meter is storing data. If you have reported it already then you can only wait.

    ​​​​​​​I find it surprising that non functioning meters do not get treated as a priority, but your experience seems standard.
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