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    I've been asked to post about a recent experience with back billing and how it was resolved in case it was useful. Here goes...

    We left eon in October 2021 and paid what we thought was a final bill.
    In November 2022 we received another final bill, which came as a surprise over a year later.
    It turns out that eon had only sent a final gas bill in October 2021, not a final electricity bill.

    We were aware that we shouldn't pay for this as it comes under ofgem's back billing regulations. "You can’t be charged for gas or electricity used more than 12 months ago if you have not been correctly billed for it, or informed about it via a statement of account, before."

    We rang eon. There was a long wait on the phone. Eventually it was answered by an inexperienced call handler who couldn't understand why we had been billed and wasn't sure if we should pay or not. They said they would have to talk to their manager and would ring back the next day. However, nobody phoned back.

    We rang back a few days later and reached a different call handler. This time they said we were not eligible for back billing as we were now with a different energy provider. I told them that this was irrelevant, but they wouldn't budge. So they said they would send me a deadlock letter in the post so I could complain to the ombudsman. Two weeks later and I still haven't received that letter.

    The payment was due, so we paid it as we didn't want to get bad credit. I then phoned eon a third time and reached a knowledgeable call handler.. They said that I should not have paid because of back billing regulations. They actioned a refund and resolved the complaint.

    7 days later the refunded money reached my bank account.

    If you get in a similar situation where you are surprisingly billed after more than 12 months, I suggest that you read up on back billing. And call eon several times if you think that your first call handler isn't dealing with the query knowledgeably.

    Finally, if you google 'energy £30 rebate final bill' there are rules around getting £30 back if energy companies don't send you a final bill in a timely manner. We didn't complain about this as we just wanted to wash our hands of the whole thing!
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    Thanks for sharing this. I think in light of the apparent call handler knowledge lottery, if the same thing happened to me I would send one email and if the reply wasn’t to my satisfaction I would go straight to a complaint.

    Glad it worked out right for you in the end 👍
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    @TB1984 Thank you so much for sharing your story I'm sure it will help others if they were ever in this situation @JoeSoap I think you are right it can depend on the call handler, some of our Energy Specialist are new to the industry, some are more experienced than others and we do learn something new everyday or a different way to work something which is why its super important to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible so you can get the right result and the forum is a great place to gather that info, we don't always get things right but together we should be able to get the right solution and always make improvements.😊
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    This tale is from November 2022 and here I am in April 2024 facing a similar issue with an energy 'specialist' who repeatedly states that back billing rules don't apply to me as my account is in credit!

    I have repeatedly asked for a copy of EON NEXT's policy on this only to be met with a brick wall.
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    I have also been told this today, but have checked on moneysupermarket and this does seem to be the case. However the ‘goodwill’ payout they have offered me covers slightly more than the original backbill.
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    I have repeatedly asked for a copy of EON NEXT's policy on this only to be met with a brick wall.

    E.On Next don't have their own policy, rather it is an OFGEM regulation rather than down to any individual supplier.

    Our back billing rules

    These rules set out when a supplier can charge you for any shortfalls in payment for energy you’ve used.
    You cannot be charged for energy used more than 12 months ago if:

    • you have not had an accurate bill for it before, even though you asked for one
    • you have not been informed about any charges due via a statement of account before
    • your Direct Debit amount was previously set too low to cover any charges due

    Suppliers must make these rules clear in their contract terms and conditions.
    The rules apply to domestic energy consumers and microbusinesses.

    If you get a back bill from your energy supplier

    If you are protected by our back billing rules, contact your supplier and let them know. They should refund any money taken in error, which could be all or part of the bill.

    You’ll find your supplier’s contact details on their website, or on your energy bills.

    If you want to write to them or send them an email, you can use the Citizens Advice back billing example letter.

    You can complain about your energy supplier if they continue to ask for payment for a period covered by our back billing rules.
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