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    Ah, but it won't make any difference unless the compressor has cycled on...or is stuck on.


    Right now my FF has its compressor cycle on as I am sitting within a metre of it (it has a distinctive and unmistakeable hum). Easy enough to count the flashes when it (the compressor) is on, when it is switched on (but no compressor cycle) and even when it is switched off altogether. I know when my FF compressor cycle is off and I'm not using anything apart from the router and virgin 360 box on standby, one or two clocks I draw a baseline of about 35W and when the FF compressor boots on an extra 80W when it kicks in looking at the data from Bright and from observing the change in 'usage now' from my IHD. Perhaps the OP could confirm that his FF is not stuck with a constantly running compressor (symptomatic of for example a failed condensor fan motor etc). I can tell when the FF's compressor is not on by the lack of noise and also the data that bright tells me overnight for 30min usage periods - definitely not constant and my FF is the only thing that changes its power draw during the night. Hey up the compressor has just gone off with an attendant reduction in power draw.
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    The fridge freezer will not operate continuously, which is why it need to be measured over a more extended period than "a few minutes" - I measured over a week.

    Agreed although the OP has stated high overnight usage. Counting the flashes or monitoring the Bright data might give them a clue as to what is drawing the power. I know that my 24/7 draw is in the region of 37-40W (FF compressor not on and minimum electrical items on) but maybe 120W when the FF compressor is on. This is reflected in what I see in my overnight usage from the Bright app. 😀
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    I've edited my original post about the FF not being the culprit. My bills are around £3 to £4 a day. 45p a day to power that thing is between 11 to 15% of my total consumption. It's going to use 45p a day, almost £14 a month or £165 a year to just to run that alone at current electricity prices.

    However...what 'value' , rather than 'absolute cost' do you put on these things? Might be able to take a month's worth of shopping for me and the missus. Might cost a bit more to power, but I tend to do a weekly shop, and that's a 40 mile round trip, half an hour each way and three litres of diesel at 180p a litre. If I do the maths, the bigger FF is actually more cost effective.

    £14 a month in electric, versus several hours of driving time, £16.20 worth of diesel and the associated carbon footprint. It's actually a bargain deal when you delve right into it.

    Ok, the shopping trip isn't just shopping for grub. I always try and kill more than one bird with each stone, so there's prescriptions to pick up, the social side (coffee or a meal, etc.).

    The OP may well be able to happily justify 45p a day for the FF against whatever the alternative choices are. It's certainly not 'wasted' or 'lost' energy cost if it more than makes up in time, convenience and expense of doing things differently. Might just be a necessary baseline load that makes financial sense.
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    Hello @Purplerachel123 How are you? 😊 Just checking in to see how you are getting on with your usage? Was you able to get to the bottom of it? An IHD is a little screen that pairs with you smart meter and can track your usage.

    If you've not got an IHD you can purchase one or you can use an App called Bright House on your phone where you can track your usage.

    As for your meter reads if you've not got a smart meter that's taking regular reads you can pop the reads on line to make sure your usage is always up to date 😊
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