To manage expectations and save time. it would be advisable for any customer contemplating EON Solar to speak to 3-4 experienced other providers/ installers before spending 40+ minutes on an EON video consultation. And perhaps also watch some experts' YouTube videos first.

At the beginning of the EON consultation, start with some basic YES/ NO questions, eg:

  1. Do you know what a DIVERTER is for?
  2. Do you know how many circuits a DIVERTER could feed during a power-cut?
  3. If NO to 1 or 2 - do you understand why customers would want to use Solar and/ or battery to power their house during a power-cut?
  4. Do you know how the break-even/ pay-back point is calculated, ie how many years before costs are covered and profits commence?
  5. Do you know how many watts each solar panel can produce?
  6. Are the proposed batteries LiFePO4?
  7. Are you aware that an EON-fitted smart meter itself will not enable Economy 7, unless the house already has Economy 7 meters?
    And do you know that it would cost £157 to fit Economy 7 meters?

Probably best not to waste any more time if any of the responses are:- NO, or don't know, or "well it depends", or "I am not an electrician".

If responses are mainly Yes, then also ask eg:
Is there an EON solar or solar+battery home installation nearby that EON could arrange for me to contact for a viewing?