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    So I'm due to move to my new property on 1st Dec. I've informed E-on and it's all set up and ready to trigger from my move-in date. Along with all other household services.

    I am moving in with my partner to a new mortgaged property. I am currently the main tenant, and main account holder for all bills, living with my brother who has been searching for a place of his own.

    My brother has now found a property, but it won't be ready until 9th December. In terms of rent, our landlord is happy for him to roll on week to week until he can move, and other services such as water and internet should be covered. But I'm really not sure what will happen with the gas and electricity.

    Can anyone advise what the correct thing to do is here? My thought is to contact eon with the situation, and give them my final meter readings on the 1st. Then contact them on the 9th to ensure we're not leaving the property owing any energy costs before closing the account?

    Welcome any suggestions, as it wouldn't seem right for my brother to have to set up an account with eon for 9 days.

    All the best
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    @MBaileyuk Anasa here 👋 Welcome to the Community! Congratulations on your new home! I hope the move goes well! Your question about your brother staying on... When you leave provide the final reads and the account will close but we'll re open it for the interim period in your brothers name who will then follow the same process when he moves, contact the supplier of is choice to get the ball rolling and then provide final reads when he leaves.

    Or you can keep the account in your name and just provide reads when you brother vacates, you'll still be able to move into your property as normal it'll just mean your old property will continue in your name until your brother moves out when you'd need to give us your final reads 😊
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