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    It's the thought that counts. My parents are getting a 'stealth' payment to their energy bills, my other half will get another charm for her Pandora bracelet, the dogs will get my share of the Brussels Sprouts and that's everyone covered. Bit of cheese and some home pickled onions on Christmas Day and some carols on t'wireless, out in me shed, and that's me sorted.
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    it never ceases to amaze me that people can think that paying bills is optional. They don’t expect to leave a shop or the fuel station without paying, but think nothing about not paying for stuff where they, the customer, is remote from the other party. As I posted above the costs of such action falls upon the rest of society. So I fully support the use of prepayment metering where customers have demonstrated unwillingness to pay their bills, but equally think people who are credit worthy should be allowed to have credit meters, something E.On Next hasn’t permitted in the past - is the policy still the same now?
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    @meldrewreborn There is definitely movement with it as we have a new credit checking process. They need to train all the staff on it first and once that is done, we will be able to credit those who have requested a PP to CR meter exchange. 🙌
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    @retrotecchie..Hi mate,i have just joined the Community so this is my first entry,there,s nothing better to me than going fishing as it cost me nil in electric or gas i can forget all about the pressures of everyday life just thought i would share that with you,also i mostly go fishing with my lovely next door neighbours,a quite useful couple for fishing as they are very knowledgeable on all aspects of fishing,and their names for a big shout out are ROD & ANNETTE.....tumble weed rolling past...