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    wondering if anyone can help me?

    I would like my gas meter removed as I do not have any gas appliances remaining and do not want to pay the standing charge for energy I don’t use.

    I have tried to contact EonNext via phone (on hold every time 30+mins & WhatsApp sent 8 days ago still no response.

    Is there any other way I can get through to someone to be able to do this please?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!
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    Many thanks to everyone for all the great help & suggestions.

    I finally got through to EonNext & they quoted £148.52 to have the meter removed.

    They also said that my local Gas operator (SGN in our area) will contact me to help turn off the incoming gas from the mains however representative said he didn’t think SGN would charge for this.

    Hopefully he is right!
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    You could try but ultimately customer service would need to make the initial arrangements.
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    From memory it costs around £160 to get a meter removed and the supply capped, but I stand to be corrected…

    Customer service are extremely busy and it could take two weeks to get a WhatsApp conversation going. If you can phone as soon as they open at 9am then you may get through a bit quicker than normal.
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    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    Your memory is probably fine, but prices have gone up a nadgers!

    How much does it cost to remove a gas meter?

    This depends on the size of the meter and the complexity of the job. However, as a guide, a standard U6 domestic meter removal, with the pipework capped off at the ECV, starts at £330 + VAT. If the meter is to be disconnected at the mains a site survey will be required and a quote will be prepared.
    The smallest commercial meter, which is the U16 model, costs from £390 + VAT to remove and cap the pipework at the ECV. Again, if the meter is to be disconnected at the mains a site survey will be required and a quote will be prepared.

    How long will it take to remove a gas meter?

    Every meter removal is different, but we aim to be as quick as possible. A rough guideline should be between 4 to 6 weeks, depending on site specifics.
    Once the removal process can be confirmed it should be completed within 5 working days.

    Do I need to fully remove a gas meter?

    If you stop using gas but don’t remove your meter, you will have to continue paying your gas bill. Gas meters typically belong to an asset company and a standing charge will be levied to cover the cost.
    Most gas tariffs include a standing change – a set amount paid per day – removing your gas meter is the only way to stop paying for the meter and is the most cost-effective solution.
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    As you can see, you are looking at a minimum of £387.75 and you will need to carry on paying for the standing charges in the meantime.

    At around 28 or so pence a day for gas standing charge, it will take almost 4 years to begin saving you any money.
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    Thanks for the correction. I’ve amended my post accordingly…

    … however, in light of further info, I’ve removed the amendment 🤪😂
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    You're spot on though, it's not good news for anyone thinking of getting their gas capped off to save on the standing charges.

    I had a meter moved from inside the house to an outdoor meter hutch in 2009. I'd had the boiler upgraded and plumber chappy also decided the old black iron gas pipe under the kitchen floor feeding the cooker needed replacing. He took a copper feed from the meter outside the house, round to the boiler, and then teed off to the cooker. The incoming gas pipe came in through the wall to the meter, and then the new line went out again. The meter was in such an awkward place that it just made sense to move the meter outside, free up the space in the utility (allowing me to put a tumble dryer where the meter used to sit) and just make everything tidy. Cost me £45 for a meter hutch, plus fitting it to the outside wall, plus £160 for TRANSCO to move the meter. That included cutting off the feed pipe into the house and reterminating it in the external hutch. That took a little excavation of the concrete path up the side of the house which I had to make good again, at my expense. I think the whole shebang cost me about £400.

    But, TRANSCO's cost to move the meter was the same as the charge for removing a meter and capping it off, so you were right with your figure of £ 2009!
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    Oooh, that's not too shabby then. Maybe they've had a lot of folks who have abandoned gas and have decided to have the meter decomissioned? Negotiated a good price, maybe? One of my friends back in the old country is so impressed with my gas-free setup that he's even considering dropping gas and converting to heating oil because it is so much cheaper to run.

    I've pointed out the drawbacks but he's not listening to me!