Gas Meter Removal

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    I thought I’d seen £160 mentioned somewhere. It’s in the post linked below…
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    As you know, the price of heating oil fluctuates quite considerably over time. Making the switch from mains gas to heating oil would require the oil tank, new pipework and a new boiler, all predicated on the cost differential being maintained into the future.

    If I were contemplating such a move I'd ensure the old gas boiler remained in situ, for use if the price advantage changes.
    Current Eon Next customer, ex EDF, Zog and Symbio. Don't think dual fuel saves money and don't like smart meters. Chronologically Gifted. If I offend let me know by private message, but I’ll continue to express my opinions nonetheless.
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    It does vary wildly, but even at 84p per litre right now, that works out at 7p per kWH. Two years ago, I was paying around 40p a litre and five years ago it was as low as 27p a litre. But, no standing charges so that is the biggest saving.

    I would not advocate going over to oil if you're all sorted with your gas, but for someone thinking of replacing a heating system with a new system due to end of life, the cost of an oil boiler, tank and pipework is about 40% more than replacing a gas boiler. Plus you need space for the tank. You can get very small unobtrusive tanks, but they tend to be low capacity ones, perhaps 600 litres max. With a minimum delivery of 500 litres, you practically have to run your tank almost empty before getting a delivery. My tank is 2000 litres and you can't just hide that behind your wheelie bins any too easily. It does mean I can get less deliveries a year, and bigger quantities cost less per litre.

    The killer is that unless you have a budget scheme with a supplier, you do need to pay up front for an upload. Another issue is that here in rural Wales, if you find yourself running low, most of the local garages have kero on tap, so you can pick up a 25 litre drum or two in case of your delivery being delayed. Not so many garages in 'civilisation' offer heating oil. Esso Blue and Pink Paraffin are a thing of the past.

    I explained all this to my mate...don't seem to have put him off yet.
    Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player. I DON'T work for or on behalf of EON.Next, but am willing to try and help if I can. Not on mains gas, mobile network or mains drainage. House heated almost entirely by baby dragons.
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    Community Team
    Thanks to our lovely members who have been trying to help our @Yen1chi. Its so lovely to see, it really is! You guys really do rock 🤘.

    It seems our CS team have beat me to it! I was going to let you know the cost of the job will be £148.32 and that the network would have to attend to to cap the supply.
    Please do let us know how you get on @Yen1chi 😊
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