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    As far as I can seem to fathom out, customers will be given 'targets' by the energy companies. If they say 'can you try and reduce your consumption for the period by 3kWh' and you only save 2.9kWh, you fail miserably and don't pass 'go' you don't collect.

    Whether it is a percentage of your normal usage they want you to try and not use, or a specific number of kWh during the period remains unclear.

    I don't have a smart meter so the scheme does not apply to me, but I'd be more than happy to throw the main switch and cut off my electricity for two or three hours if it would actually benefit anyone. It would benefit me only by having zero consumption, personally, if I did so. Sure, I may save a quid on my electric bill, but that would be clawed back as soon as I put the power back on with the fridges and freezers trying to play catch up, and using power for things I couldn't use while the power was off.
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    any target would have to be relevant to your consumption at the same time slot in previous periods. They’re talking of 12 test periods of one hour duration each and some prior warning of the time of test.

    I wonder what people with non functioning smart meters will make of being denied the ability to participate?
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    I know that I'll never be invited, I don't use anything like that in those hours. It's another one of these 'incentives' whereby if you're ahead of the game you miss out.

    I still think the less you use the cheaper a kWh should be. BT used to have a Light User Scheme for their land line, it meant I used to get a large rebate and my line rental was a couple of quid. That went when I moved away from dial up internet I think.
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    As posted elsewhere I use currently 8kWh per day. So one kWh per 3 hours. Usage will be higher in the day compared to sleeping hours. in any one hour the most i could use would be if I put the dishwasher, tumble dryer and washing machine on at the same time. Of course I don't do that.

    I suspect the amount of energy one could save in one hour compared to previous data would be minimal. So being paid £30 (well the suplier will get that - what will be passed onto the customer?) per kWh reduction appears fantastic but in reality will turn out to be peanuts.

    While £100 saving could be made I wonder what the projections are of the average or mean saving are?

    I had a look at the 30 min data for Thursday 3rd November that I see on The Bright App (I can use this on my android tablet) and looked at the sort of numbers I was using in the period 4-7pm

    1600-1630 (0.20 kWh)
    1630-1700 (0.83 kWh)
    1700-1730 (0.39 kWh)
    1730-1800 (0.08 kWh)
    1800-1830 (0.38 kWh)
    1830-1900 (0.33 kWh)

    So over this 3 hour period I used 2.21 kWh. The additional things on were the electric induction hob used to cook the tea, the PC, the central heating for a short time and a dehumidifier on for a short time. Yes I daresay I could save a bit but only 1 kwh max possibly. Will there be the same sort of incentive to me to save (as a reasonably frugal user) compared to a household who are blissfully wasteful? Maybe - if they do it on a percentage basis rather than an actual basis then it should work for all households. But if I need to cut down the example I've given from 2.21 to say 1.5 then possible but not if I need to save 2 kWh in this 3 hour period - it would be nigh on impossible unless I went to bed ......
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    The devil is always in the detail. When they say a customer could earn £100 I just roll my eyes and laugh at the gullibility of presenters /reporters who just do not have a clue.
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    A bit like the could win a million, but a 1:14,000,000 chance. Even slimmer if you never buy a ticket.

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    The devil is always in the detail. When they say a customer could earn £100 I just roll my eyes and laugh at the gullibility of presenters /reporters who just do not have a clue.
    Peter stated
    Originally Posted by PeterT_EONNext
    How does Energy Shift work?

    1. National Grid announce to participating energy suppliers that they predict high demand of electricity during certain 'peak hours'.

    2. National Grid then works with us, who have asked our customers to participate in the event (Energy Shift)

    3. You'll be asked to reduce your consumption during these Energy Saving Events (typically, between 4pm and 7pm, though subject to change depending on demand)

    4. A credit will then be awarded for those that manage to reduce their usage of the proposed amount or less during the event window.

    It's that simple
    So I was wondering what 'devil in the detail' this refers to?

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    The outline of the scheme has been mooted, but as yet no details about how it will work. Fixed number of kWh reduction, or a percentage?. Based on what data? Your current anticipated use at that time of day or based on historic data? So many possible details.