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    Friday was a big deal for our Community, and we hosted our FIRST EVER Virtual Community Celebration! Although this is just the start of our adventure, we know some of you were unable to make it; so here is the inside scoop for anyone who didn't get the chance to attend!

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    It was such a fun experience for us as a team to celebrate our 2nd birthday, the achievements, the changes and improvements made within the Community but most importantly to celebrate YOU our members!

    @HannahD_EONNext began by giving us a run down of the Community journey over the past 2 years; we spoke about the changes that have been made and what's ahead. It was lovely to see how far we've come together as a community making it the awesome place it is now. We wouldn't be where we are without you all!

    The Community Team also spoke about their own highlights and what has really stood out of them over the course of this journey! Here's just a few words from what the team had to say:

    Beki - "Our Community and the people who take the time to connect and support each other, reminds me that there is good and positivity in this often negative world. And together, we can bring education and resources to our customers, but most of all Community spirit"

    Anasa - "It's been fantastic getting to know you all and being part of such a wonderful community and to see that we're having such a positive impact around the forum, be it positive or negative with your help we have been able to get processes changed and give you a voice to help us make this better"

    Deb - "We added the new sustainable futures category, It's lovely to see that you guys are as passionate as we are about sustainability"

    Bennie - "Thanks to you bringing it to our attention that our bereavement process needed to be looked at we made changes and our process is now much better"

    Peter - "The Community truly is a great place for conversation to really open up, and be there as a space for discussion, especially around the cost of energy. We don't shy away from difficult conversations, and neither do any of our members which is great to see!"

    Han - "Thank you for all the hard work our members do, without you guys we wouldn't be anything at all. Thank you for flagging up where you find knowledge gaps, bugs, spam and negative behaviour. We do really see all the work that goes on because of our members"

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    This brought us to the Community Awards. As a team, we recognise all the hard work that goes on by our members behind the scenes and we really wanted to shout about it this year! We decided on 6 different awards this time around and without further ado...

    Nextie Natter Award
    🏆 - This award celebrates a member who is always welcoming and creates a friendly environment. This person took part in the Big Plastic Count and they love to keep the conversation going! The winner is... ✨ @Tracy

    Sustainability Champ
    🏆- This member went above and beyond when it came to educating and bringing awareness around sustainability and what we can do in order to be more eco friendly. This person collaborated with us on our blog to help break some of the barriers or myths around energy that we might not know about! The winner is... ✨ @Andy65

    People's Advocate 🏆- We recognise that it can be a bit daunting when challenging a big company, it's easy to feel a bit lost in it all. Sometimes we all need a bit of support and someone there to advocate for us. which is why this person really deserves to be recognised for the hard work they put in on the Community. They are always looking out for others and we believe that they truly are an advocate of the people! The winner is... ✨ @meldrewreborn

    Smart Savvy
    🏆- Navigating the ever growing world of smart meters is never easy, and we know that this can be a challenge for most when trying to wrap your head around how they work, as well as what you can do in order to cut back on your usage when unsure on where you're using it most. There's one stand out on the Community who pioneers this! The winner is... ✨ @theunknowntech

    Cool, Calm and Collected
    🏆 - This person is always looking out for other members checking in on them and going that extra mile to check in on people. They make sure that our members are happy and get clear answers. They are a team player and very supportive! The winner is... ✨ @Landmark

    Rising Star
    🏆- This person has started to spend a lot more time on the Community and makes the community a better place. They have come to grips more with the techy side of things and have explored what the Community has to offer. They get involved in the conversation and help support other members! The winner is... ✨ @JoeSoap

    Again we want to thank you all for being part of our small but mighty Community ✨. We are ever growing and love that you are all here as part of the journey. The Community team can't wait to see where this next year takes us and we can't wait to share it with you all!

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    Oh wow. Thank you for the award and sorry I wasn’t even virtually at the event. I had a dinner date with Flo Soap.

    I won’t do a speech but thanks again and mwah mwah dahlings 😁🥂

    Congrats to the other award winners too 👍
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    Many thanks for this and my congratulations go to the other winners and my thanks to them for their support to the forum which has been vital in answering so many questions and issues posted by other puzzled customers. I've learnt a lot from everybody, but still have some way to go.

    My thanks also go to the @communityteam (does that link work yet?) for their support and endorsement of our answers. I'm sure I speak for many that we'd like to see you a bit more often and consistently, but we know there are difficulties behind the scenes.

    Finally I'd like to thank my mum and dad for all those training sessions they took me to, and my wife and sons for their undying support in my chosen career, which strangely enough wasn't this! (I've been preparing a speech for some time - that last bit seems to be obligatory when accepting an award😂)

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    @DebF_EONNext wow thanks guys glad I could add to the community congratulations to everyone great seeing everyone helping each other 💜
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    You try to read the response that theunknowntech posted... But it turns out to be completely impossible to understand. Almost like he wrote it in some impossible language that no-one but himself understands. The most you can pick out are weird references to some blue turtle, or is it a blue tortoise? Is that why he has a blue face? You can't figure out which, because it's just impossible to figure out since this ancient language is too difficult to decipher.

    Is it even a language from this planet??? And you've never seen blue turtles or blue tortoises before? Is, or perhaps was theunknowntech even a real thing?

    Eventually after 20 years, you abandon all efforts to decrypt the message left behind, because there's clearly no way to get it back...
    Just another guy passing by... The unknown tech way...
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    Hi @DebF_EONNext and the team,

    Thank you so much and congratulations to my fellow winners, it was certainly unexpected.
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    Level 91

    Yes I read your message and fully understand. Hopefully things will get better soon.🤣
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    Thanks for being positive in times of crisis; I am grateful that the world hasn't ended. It is understandable why people are feeling disillusioned given the sudden changes in government and resultant market instability as well as the war, climate change etc. Let us not lose hope with our new constitution and with humanity.

    Eon Next Customer

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    Pleased to announce the arrival of my ‘goody bag’, addressed to Joe Soap 😂… well why wouldn’t it be?

    I don’t want to disclose but I’ve always wanted a Jaguar… and in my favourite colour too 🤭