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    Hello everyone! I hope that you're all well!

    So I noticed that there has been a lot of questions around the Governments £400 energy subsidy and a lot of talk on how it will be applied and what it means to your payments. - we’ll be updating this as and when needed if there are any changes to keep you as up to date as possible.

    Direct Debit customers...

    The deduction will be from your Direct Debit so for example if we normally take 200.00 from you each month, with the energy scheme we will only take 134.00 (66.00 reduction). The 66.00 will be applied to your account which will bring it back to 200.00 for you.

    You should see this as a credit on your online account by the end of the week, if your Direct Debit was due at the beginning of this week you will have seen a reduction already. This also applies to those with a Variable Direct Debit you'll see a reduction in your payments and a credit in your pay history.
    You are speaking to Anasa this evening your energy specialist.

    Pay on receipt of bill...

    Customers and regular cash payment customers will see the money automatically applied as a credit to their energy accounts in the first week of each month. This will show as a credit in the payments section of their monthly bill.

    If you have a prepayment meter...

    The payment of £66 and then £67 will be applied in the first week of each month, this will go directly onto your meter if you have a Smart pay as you go or you'll be given vouchers to top up if you have a standard key meter.

    Energy Bill Support Scheme payment will go onto your meter by the end of this week. You will receive a notification (just like you do when you top up) when it's updated." all payments should be updated by midnight on Friday.

    If you receive a voucher you can choose to split the money across both fuels. If you have a duel fuel account and you have a smart Pay as you go meter then it will automatically be split between the two.


    • The £67 will be credited to the customers account each month under the name "Energy Bill Support Scheme Credit

    What if my Direct Debit is less than £67.00?

    • If your Direct Debit is less than £67 then your payments will be placed on a payment holiday until the 6 month government support ends

    Variable Direct Debit

    • If you pay by Variable Direct Debit you will have the £67 and £66 rebate applied to your account in the first week of every month.

    • This credit will reduce your outstanding balance so that means it will reduce how much we will collect by variable DD, for example:

    • If you have an outstanding balance of £200. We then apply a £67 credit and the balance reduces to £133. This means we'll collect a Variable Direct Debit of £133.

    Why can’t I have the full £400 rebate now?

    • The Government is giving Energy Suppliers the rebate in 6 monthly instalments to pass onto customers, so it’s not possible to get the full rebate all in one lump sum.

    Can I have the money refunded into my bank account instead?

    • The money is being set aside by the Government to help with winter bills and the upcoming price cap, therefore the rebate should go towards paying for energy rather than being refunded.

    • In line with our credit refund policy we would need to bill the customers account up to date and understand their true credit value. We can refund any credit as long as this does not put them into arrears although it’s important that we explain the increase in cost will likely mean any credit built up now will be used towards winter usage so the customer will likely see higher bills/DD during the winter if we were to give a refund.

    What if I move home or change supplier?

    • Effectively the eligibility date to receive the rebate payment will be the 1st of every month (this is the same for all suppliers) - This means if you are supplied by Eon Next on the first of the month and have a live Electric account you are eligible for the payment through us.

    • If you move out on the 2nd of the month or change supplier away from Eon you will be given this as part of your final bill.

    • If you move in on the second you will not be eligible for that month and you would need to speak to the supplier at your old address for their process. If you change supplier to us on the 2nd you will need to speak to your previous supplier for their process

    What if I have a meter exchange or change payment method?

    • If you have a meter exchange from credit to prepayment or Smart Pay As You Go or change your payment method between October and March, there will be a process to change the way in which they receive your rebate.

    Prepayment FAQ's

    Can I use my PPM voucher to top up at my usual top-up point?

    • E.ON next customer vouchers will be redeemable at Post Offices. Other suppliers will be able to provide further details on what locations their vouchers can be redeemed.

    Can I give my PPM voucher to someone else to use?

    • The Government is really keen for every household to feel this rebate and therefore the voucher is only for use for the household it was intended for. The Post Office will ask for confirmation of address via a utility bill, driving licence or passport for the vouchers to be redeemed.
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    Well I have some good news! Energy Bill Support Scheme payments have started to be applied to customers accounts!
    Here is how it will look on your bills.

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    Keep an eye on your account over the next few days and let us know if you have any questions.
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    When will the vouchers be sent out to customers on traditional prepayment meters?
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    UPDATE 07/10/2022 [SPAYG]

    As the weekend is approaching, I wanted to give you a little update to where we are at. The EBSS payment has been reported to be applied to electric meters only. If you need support with your gas, contact us and we will be able to support you.

    As planned the rebate is going to be applied in the next few hours. All our smart pay as you go customers should receive either a message(SMS) or an email as a confirmation of the credit being applied.

    If you have any questions feel free to pop us a comment.
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    @Anasa_EONNext I live in a park home - eon provides the electricity to the park and I pay for what I use. I have mainline metered gas that I pay by direct debit but my gas provider says that the rebate is coming via the electricity company. How do I get my £400??
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    Hi @LodgeLady ,

    You're actually an edge case in that you won't get the £400 from either your gas supplier or any electric supplier. You'll instead get it through the manager of the park that you reside at. What will happen is that park management will be given the £400 on your behalf and they'll be asked to deduct £400 from your electricity bill that you pay to the park as part of your rent/service charges. You'll still benefit from the full amount, just in a different way.

    Please have a chat with park management about this as they'll be best placed to help you out.
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    So please confirm the following.

    Your supplier for both electricity and gas (if applicable) is definitely E.On Next?
    Your details in your app/online are correct (name, address, email address)?
    You have conventional (not smart pay as you go) top up meters that use a key or card?

    If all the above are the case, and you have not had a voucher, then you will need to contact Customer Services.

    Did you get the November one?
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    @Bennie_EONNext,hi I took my voucher to the post office and wanted to split between gas and electric as stated on website,but they wouldn't as voucher stated gas or electric, could they not make it clear on voucher..... not happy.
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    Hello. I am a vunerable customer. I cant get through on your phone lines. and i have sent 3 emails all gone unanswered Im struggling to redeem my voucher as im not near a postoffice. Can i do this at my local paypoint please can someone help me.