Seem to be being billed for the energy I export

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    This summer I purchased some solar panels with battery storage and I did not initially set up to export to EON as I was evaluating who would give me a fair price into winter (spoiler alert, Octopus). My bill in August was for 430 KWH when the EON app would indicate i used 67 KWH and looking through the data from my inverter, it would appear that I am being billed for export as if I had actually used that power. My neighbour had their installation at the same time and has the same problem. Meter is a Landis+gyr E470 type 5394.

    The smartmeter app and the bills aligned well until the solar was installed.

    It looks like EON are charging me against the Acc Import and not the Total Acc import as I read on another post - so far now I have over 500 KWH returned to the grid so I would have spent less on electric if I hand not invested a significant sum on solar and not sure where the fault is.

    Feels like a meter problem to be but wanted to ask the forums if anyone has seen this issue while I speak to my installer.
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    @mikemaca Hi

    Just wanted to check if you had got this sorted?

    Sometimes the export reading is entered to our system in error, resulting in a bill that is incorrect, this might not be the case here however this in my experience would be the most common, let me know if you have got this sorted.

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    I have a similar problem with Landis and Gyr E470.

    I’m using a Tesla battery so have whole home coverage and the function to go off grid.

    I noticed the meter will still clock up usage even when I am 100% on solar and battery.
    Tesla have sent me an email confirming there are reported problems with this model of meter.
    Try to convince Eon to replace the meter? They really don’t want to know, I suspect they don’t want the cost of replacing these meters.
    I am at the complaint stage and it has taken a while to even have them take it seriously, unless they are hiding something???🤔🤔🤔
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    I cant help with your issue, but a workaround until they get it sorted out that I would suggest is that you configure your solar inverter to do a 0KW export so that you never exports anything to the grid.
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    Hey @mikemaca 👋

    Appreciate it's been a little while but did you manage to find the answer you were looking for? 😊
    Knowledge is power, community is strength, and positive attitude is everything 💜