Warm Home Discount scheme 2022/23

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    What's happening with the Warm Home Discount this year, shouldn't it be open for new applications by now? I know that this has been (hopefully) an exceptional year with regard to price hikes and everything regarding help with bills is still up in the air at the moment, but I'd applied for and been notified of the last awarded WHD by October last year.

    I check to see if the scheme has reopened at least once a week and there's been no development so far this year.

    Every penny helps, etc.

    EDIT: I'm not in the automatically-accepted 'core group' but I do receive qualifying disability benefits in the 'broader group' and I apply successfully every year, and my circumstances haven't changed.

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    It has changed this year and you don't need to apply, they will assess and apply to any households eligible. The core and broader groups seem similar but it looks like they've added criteria about energy usage - to target those that have higher usage? I'm not 100 on that part.

    I found this snippet "To find out whether you qualify, you can call the government Warm Home Discount phone line on 0800 731 0214 between 14 November 2022 and 31 March 2023"
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    @PMD the government scheme will be still running and it will become live in November 2022. If you would like to read up more about the updates this link will be the best place to start. I hope it can be helpful 😀
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    @PMD I am the same as you regarding this, usually my application is in and I have been notified also. I am checking every day for the applications to open, Eon-next tell me it is October it opens and that it always has been October, thats rubbish, I know every year I have been able to get this I have always had my application in during september, this is so stressful.
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    What date will the scheme open for this year 2022 - 2023 ? I have received no response to my request from E.ON Next and I am in the broader group so not automatically accepted.
    I have used the link above in another comment to the Warm Home Discount page on the Gov.uk website but all information is a year out of date as for the season 2021-2022 which has long finished.
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    @Bennie_EONNext The Gov.uk website for Warm Home Discount scheme is a year out of date. We need the information on this season 2022-2023.
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    @JCo Well that is great then as I have cut down on energy use because I am afraid I won't be able to pay for my extra heating this year. I am disabled and cannot get out very often and receive disability benefits but worry so much about this. Usually I apply in September or October when the broader group is informed it is open again and I am accepted. But going on what you said it looks like because I have held back on energy use I might not get it this year, when it will be even harder for all.
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    Try this one for size. The process is changing and I wouldn't trust the Government to assess household remotely to judge eligibility. The payment will also be £150 not £140 shown in the link.

    Warm Home Discount Scheme (£140 cold weather payment) | Age UK

    Payments start in October apparently but there is little to advise how you check whether the government has decided you're eligible or not.

    According to Martin Lewis :


    Under the new scheme, you should receive the rebate automatically

    Under the current rules, unless you receive the guarantee credit element of pension credit, where you get the warm home discount automatically, you have to apply to your supplier to receive the warm home discount. And even then it's on a first come, first serve basis with suppliers also able to set their own eligibility criteria for those on certain benefits.
    Under the new rules, those in receipt of the guarantee credit element of pension credit will still be guaranteed the warm home discount. Everyone else will receive a letter from October telling them that they will either receive the rebate automatically and therefore don't need to do anything, or that they may be eligible but need to call a dedicated helpline to provide further evidence of your eligibility.
    If you think you're eligible but don't receive the letter in October, you can also contact a helpline, which will be available on Gov.uk or via Citizens Advice. "

    Apparently the new rules disbar circa 290,000 disability claimants but add 750,000 households on other benefits.

    Hope this helps. I can't get this under any circumstances.
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    Hello @TerryMc Anasa here 👋 I hope you're well! I know you popped on last year to ask about up to date information for Warm Home Discount shceme so I thought I'd pop on to let you know we have a fab post about this years Warm Home discount Warm Home Discount 23/24
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    Thank you but it is so confusing as I thought I was entitled as had been previously and am in Core Group 2 which is supposed to receive it automatically but I received nothing Last Winter despite several phone calls to DWP and Eon Next. One person from Eon Next who works on the WHD assured me I was entitled and that I would receive it. Needless to say I didn't get it credited to my account. Luckily though the Government were putting credits on everyone's accounts last Winter, but there is none this Winter.
    Why did I not receive it? Will I receive it this Winter?