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    Third attempt to post this!

    if anyone else is disappointed with the service they have received from eon after the forced move from NPower I can totally recommend Octopus. Within 5 minutes of the account being opened I had full access to information I am still waiting for Eon to show.

    the hilarious thing is you can see exactly that the systems are exactly the same with Octopus and Eon. Even the account numbers are the same format. So there’s really no reason for Eon not to be showing it. When I raised this with customer services at eon apparently it’s because migrated data is not available but for new customers it is!

    oh and Octopus have an app that has such revolutionary features like a usage tracker and comparison.

    It’s blatantly obvious that eon didn’t buy the full package from Octopus and are trying to get by on the cheap.
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    I know we've said it before but we're new and Octopus have a bit of a head start on us. They weren't built overnight though either. We're really aware that customers really want an app and energy visualisation and we're working on it as we speak. The app is coming for iOS & Android (Octopus don't currently have one for Android) and will be ready this summer.

    We went into partnership with Kraken Technologies who are part of Octopus, so it's not a case of just buying a package. We work with them to build from scratch and make sure that the tech is right for our customer base. Remember we started with a migration of npower customers who were on very different systems. We really hope that customers will stay on this journey with us, but we know that some won't, and that's one of the reasons why we don't have exit fees.

    We love asking for feedback when designing - one of the reasons why we don't have an app yet. You guys tested it and it wasn't good enough, and we listened. We're not here to cut corners at all.
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    @Richtea78 I will be moving as soon as possible and will look at Octopus.
    Present circumstances dictate to a degree that i remain for a while.
    Hopefully those circumstances will allow me to leave as soon as possible.

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    The interesting thing is the websites are almost identical except for the information. If you put the Octopus website side by side to the Eon Next website you can literally see where the modules are missing from the Eon site that show the information. It’s not a mistake to omit information, it’s been deliberately removed. They talk about wanting to keep everyone happy but the simple answer would have been to allow the customer to decide. Those who want information can get it, if you don’t want to know then give them a cross to click to hide the information. Everyone’s happy then.

    Eon did make me laugh today though. They emailed to check if it was a mistake that I am leaving! Then asked for feedback. Maybe if they asked for feedback when designing things they wouldn’t need to ask why I’m leaving!
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    @Richtea78 It's like EonNext went into the Software showroom and looked at the available options very much like a car showroom. Sat there they decided to negotiate the model they wanted. No extras please just a base model with four wheels and they must be steel not alloys. What's the cheapest colour as well. Oh and we want the smallest and most economical engine as well. And that's to much money you must give us a better discount as well.
    Its a case of, you get what you pay for in life and the customers will be paying not us.
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    @Hatwildeman The thing I don’t understand though is that not withstanding the app not being very good, it’s still something. How bad was it that it’s literally better not to have anything at all. I just can’t get my head around the fact that you decided not to bother at all.

    anyway I’m nearly done now. My transfer to Octopus is going well so far and all being good, I’ll be gone from the 1st of July. And they were nearly 12% cheaper a month as well!