How long does this take?

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    I've signed up for a Solar package, and paid my deposit months ago.

    Not a word since.. I don't know who to ask, and the EON Solar rep (James) isn't returning my messages.
    How long does this take?
    Who can I talk to?
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    Hi @JeffT

    Do you have an order or reference number of any sort? (Don't post it but it'll help when contacting)
    I'd suggest asking Customer Services, it may be worth contacting the FiT/SEG team on 0808 501 5218. Although that department deals with current solar customers I think that they may be better placed to direct your call if they can't help.

    Have you tried here?
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    Yeah.. nothing on the EON homepage about this.

    I think 'EON energy supply' and 'EONsolar' are likely different trading bodies.
    All the emails I got upfront come from 'noreply@ addresses.

    I'll give the Fit/SEG team a call on Monday (I was told we couldnt discuss SEG until after installation) but I feel sure they will be 'nowt to do with us , squire'
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    I first encountered eon solar in March and that was my biggest mistake, I have never seen such incompetent people as in the eon. If I went elsewhere my solar panels would have been on the roof for 2 months.
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    Apparently, the delay is 'supply issues', despite me being able to walk into stores anywhere and just buy the kit.
    I can get no estimates of work starting.
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    Hi @JeffT Anasa here 👋 I'm not a bot I promise! It looks like you'be been in touch with the team but just to let you know there’s currently a huge demand for our solar installations at the moment and we're trying to get to everyone as quickly as we can. At the moment it can take around 4-6 months from consultation to installation this may vary if you need an application to your local network. We know how important solar panels are to you and its not ideal that there are long waiting times, we’re doing our very best to reduce the time it takes so you can start enjoying the benefits of solar. 😊
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    Did you know that we're open 24/7 across our Social Media Channels? There are lots of ways to contact us over here!📣

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    @Waldi 👋 I know you've been waiting a while now so thank you for your patience. I replied to your original post about the waiting times 😊
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    @Waldi 👋 I know you've been waiting a while now so thank you for your patience. I replied to your original post about the waiting times 😊

    Solars was installed last monday. Nobody told me how is this connected is this 1 link or 2, just general information how to switch off in case of emergency. I found this myself, and is one link. I know now system will not work efficient. I have 3 panels on south side (few words about this later) and 6 panels on west side there is no shadow at all, but on the morning system will generate less energy than could be until sun hit west panels. I got this information from givenergy engineer . This should be 2 separate links. But 3 panels on south face will not produce any energy on link as will not hit starting voltage around 140V.

    And now few words about 3 panels on south face. Guy from e-on measured roof using google maps and make 3 mistakes. Roof is much bigger then he measured and is able to fit 5 panels which will be enough for separate link and system should work more optimally then in current setup. Any way all "drawings" what installers get from e-on and send to scaffolders looks like 5 years old kids drawings. I glad I was at home otherwise scaffolding could be in wrong side of the house. It takes 4 phone calls and over 45 minutes to sort out this.

    Also when I get quote for system no one told me that is other options for inverter (5.0 instead of 3.6) or battery bigger then 5.2kWh that should be option to choose for customer. At this moment is impossible to add more panels then another 2. But cant do this on south face as they mounted it right in the middle. (sic)

    I had phone call from e-on yesterday. Few stupid question actually very useless. Still waiting when someone ask me to pay rest for this system.

    I dont think is any profesionalism at e-on at all. It is only about profit.
    I hope SEG will be registered within resonable time.

    Waiting 9 months for installing panels is massive joke.
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    Your panels will generate a little less energy in the morning. But they will generate more energy in the afternoon. Net energy may even be a little better than if panels were all south facing. As a pioneer of home solar back in the early 90s, and a designer and builder of off-grid systems I know about this sort of thing. I can't comment on the survey or the efficiency of your system, but given an equal amount of West or South facing roof, I personally would have biassed my system more West than South.

    As for a bigger inverter or battery, again, I don't know the deal you negotiated or your survey details.

    You've only had it a few days. Give it a chance. If it's not all you expected, get the installers back to sort it out.
    Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player. I DON'T work for or on behalf of EON.Next, but am willing to try and help if I can. Not on mains gas, mobile network or mains drainage. House heated almost entirely by baby dragons.
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    Same issue here - I signed up at the start of April, still waiting for an install date.

    I was told wait times were roughly 20 weeks when I signed up. It took ages for the G99 to be submitted, it finally came back end of August.

    I was then told at the start of September there would be an unspecified delay due to stock issues of the 'Optimise' package SolarEdge inverter.

    After chasing for weeks I was told there wouldn't be any stock until the end of December, and even then they couldn't give any indication of install date, or even how far down the list of installs I'd be once stock returned.

    Despite this there's no indication on the site when you try to sign up that there are any stock delays at all.

    At this point, 33 weeks later I have no idea if or when the installation will happen, highly frustrating...