What is a smart home and is it really that beneficial?

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    What is a smart home and is it really that beneficial?

    The official definition of a smart home is: "A home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer”.

    This however doesn’t mean that everyone's idea of what counts as a smart home will be the same. For some people it might mean something as simple as having a smart meter installed. It could mean having a smart TV or a smart speaker in the home or for others this could be going all out and linking up security systems, appliances, lighting and computers etc.

    There are lots of smart products available on the market to help make your day to day life easier (smarter) such as:

    • Video Doorbells 🚪
    • Smart Speakers
    • Smart T.V’s with every app you could ever need! 📺
    • Smart Appliances (washing machines, kettles dishwashers etc that can be managed from your phone)
    • Smart Lighting - You can control your lights at the touch of a button (I don’t mean the light switch!) 💡
    • Smart Thermostats - You can control the temperature of your home through your phone when you're not even there!
    • Smart Security Systems 🔐
    • Smart Smoke Detectors​​​​​​​

    My Grandad is 88yrs old and he is amazed how far technology has come but like many he still struggles to see the benefit of a smart home. There are of course lots of benefits to having a smart home:

    • Increased security
    • Helping you manage household tasks
    • For entertainment
    • Making life simpler
    • Energy efficiency ​​​​​​​

    A smarter home could mean energy savings. If we think of smart thermostats for instance, being able to manage your thermostat at the touch of a button when you aren’t even at home can help you improve efficiency. You can turn off or lower the temperature when you’re not home and can even preheat your home before you get in, giving you more control.

    What do you get when you cross a thought with a light bulb?...A bright idea! 😂🤓

    Smart lighting is a great way to improve security within the home as you can manage your lighting when you aren’t home. For example with traditional timer switches they come on at certain times and go off at a certain time but it’s the same time each day, however with smart lighting you can turn them on or off and even dim at the touch of a button, when you aren’t even there and at any time of the day. If smart lighting isn’t really your thing there are also energy efficient LED bulbs which can be up to 6 times more efficient than a standard light bulb and they can last anything up to 30,000 hours, meaning they are much more cost effective in the long run too. 💡

    What do you consider to be a smart home? Do you have smart tech at home and do you find it makes life easier? Does it save you money and do you find it more energy efficient to have these products?

    My home isn’t very smart if i’m honest. We have some LED bulbs, a smart TV and smartphones but I would like to improve on this. Do you have any recommendations for me, anything that you just couldn’t live without in the home now?
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