E7 Tariff on E10 Meter

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    Will the following cause problems with my billing and electric central heating? I requested removal of old meter and new dual tariff meter for electric central heating be fitted.

    Ignoring the fact that EON.NEXT initially emailed me to say they don't do dual tariff.....

    It then got rather confusing. A new meter was fitted as per my request for dual tariff.

    Unfortunately the meter was single tariff....... oops. (Number 1)

    Another new meter fitted and Smart Meter fitted shortly after. (Number 2)

    Wrong meter for Smart meter so Smart Meter removed and new meter fitted....(Number 3)

    Current meter fitted is an E10 meter and my tariff is E7.

    EON.NEXT do not have correct meters in stock for Smart Meter installation.
    Would this explain issues I'm having in getting bills?

    Thanks for any information and help.....
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    @Cepeid54 What is the difference between an E7 and E10 smart meter ? I know all smart meters are dual tariff. Some have a separate output which switches on and off at cheap rate times to control E7/E10 heating circuits.

    I had assumed that the ones with a separate switched output could be used with either E7 or E10 tariff just by updating the tariff on the smart meter. Is this not the case ?

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    All I know is that the engineer said I have an E10 Meter and not an E7 one, they are different meters. Either way Smart Meter was not compatible and they don't have any that work in stock. I'm not holding my breath. Unfortunately because I can't have a smart meter I have to climb a ladder to read the meter. And in answer to an obvious question I do not wish to use Direct Debit with EON.NEXT. My level of confidence in their company is rather low at present... They are aware of my situation but are reluctant to communicate.

    I have been told to go on Social Media, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook etc... I am a disabled pensioner and do not use Social Media. I have been told to phone but unfortunately I have hearing difficulties as well they are aware. I suspect when the energy crisis ends that a lot of customers will switch..

    Today I got a bill so my panic is over till the next time.

    All I ever wanted is a simple reply to my emails answering my questions.

    The secret to happy customers is communication. Rather a lot of Companies tend to forget it.
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    @Cepeid54 thank you for your reply. Yes, they are the worst company I have ever dealt with for communication. They accidentally switched our tariff to E7 back in March and since then we have had over 90 communications of various types with them. We are no further on than on the first day. We have had to explain from scratch to over a dozen different people as they can't see each others' messages. It's exhausting.

    We have been told we can only have an E7 meter although we should be on E10 so it's interesting you have been given an E10 meter when you need an E7.

    I'm sorry you need a ladder to read your meter. Sometimes it's possible to take a photo and zoom in on it, or even use a selfie stick with a phone.
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    @Crunchie66 Apologies for not replying. Afraid I can't use camera or selfie stick. The button on meter has to be toggled through for the readings. Over the last year I have requested assistance on multiple occasions from "hi@2, "unhappy@" and "ceo@" but unfortunately there has been a complete failure in getting a resolution.

    Over a year ago I had an apology and compensation because emails were being ignored and not opened. This was during the farce of having multiple meters installed.

    There is nothing else I can do now except open a case with OFGEM. I live alone and I must admit I'm a bit worried when I use the ladder to read the meter. I have no idea why EON.NEXT won't help me.

    My last invoice took EON.NEXT 2 months to be given to me. No explanations. The last excuse was there was a problem with the Smart Meters. When I pointed out I did not have a Smart Meter a bill appeared the next day!

    I want a Smart Meter but for the last year they have not had any in stock!

    If and when, don't hold your breath, prices come down to a reasonable level I suspect a lot of customers will leave EON.NEXT.

    Final point, is there any reason for someone to be on the Priority Services Register?
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    Let's say you needed electricity for medical equipment such as home dialysis, a nebuliser or you need to make sure specific drugs can be kept refrigerated, for example. In the event of a serious power cut, you would be prioritised over someone who wasn't on the PSR.

    Likewise, if you were blind, disabled or otherwise vulnerable, then arrangements can be made with a third party to deal with issues on your behalf.

    It would also add an extra layer of safety if you needed an engineer to visit. They can use a password, set by you, as an extra level of identity check.

    It butters no parsnips for trying to get through to Customer Services, unfortunately.
    Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player. I DON'T work for or on behalf of EON.Next, but am willing to try and help if I can. Not on mains gas, mobile network or mains drainage. House heated almost entirely by baby dragons.
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    @retrotecchie So, as someone who is disabled and must use a ladder to read meter after EON.NEXT changed the old one you're saying I could be helped as a priority services customer?

    To get help I have tried on multiple occasions via all email addresses but no response to date about having to use a ladder. This has gone on for over a year. Other than OFGEM what if anything can I do?

    EON.NEXT were told that if I had an accident they would be held responsible unfortunately it made not a jot of difference.

    Who knows perhaps one day they'll be able to afford a Smart Meter for me.

    I look forwards to the day when prices drop and I can switch.

    Many thanks for your response.
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    What they can also do, if you register and explain you can't read your meter, is to arrange to have a meter reader visit for you. Meter readers still exist...you just don't see them very often.

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    you are entitled to be put on the priority services register, and have you meter read ( quarterly?). Make a complaint if you get no joy and even take it to the ombudsman ( not OFGEM) eventually.
    Current Eon Next customer, ex EDF, Zog and Symbio. Don't think dual fuel saves money and don't like smart meters. Chronologically Gifted. If I offend let me know by private message, but I’ll continue to express my opinions nonetheless.
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    Sorry but I've been and done it back in February and
    further mentions as the year went on. If my memory serves me right I've had 2 visits in the last decade.

    EON.NEXT told me a meter reader would call until the Smart Meter was sorted out. So far no visits.

    So to recap, do everything that EON.NEXT (We're here for you) says. If they all fail then I suspect the only alternative is OFGEM.

    Believe me anything you can suggest I now realise that I've done it.

    it would of course be nice if EON.NEXT had the decency to respond to emails, especially "@unhappy" and "@ceo".

    As an aside I notice that the Warm Home Discount will be paid sometime from November 2022 to March 2023. Wouldn't it be nice if we the customers had the same lax attitude when it came to money. The money comes from the Government, I wonder how long EON hangs on to it before they dispense it. Last year it was paid early November this year???

    Onwards and upwards