E7 Tariff on E10 Meter

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    Will the following cause problems with my billing and electric central heating? I requested removal of old meter and new dual tariff meter for electric central heating be fitted.

    Ignoring the fact that EON.NEXT initially emailed me to say they don't do dual tariff.....

    It then got rather confusing. A new meter was fitted as per my request for dual tariff.

    Unfortunately the meter was single tariff....... oops. (Number 1)

    Another new meter fitted and Smart Meter fitted shortly after. (Number 2)

    Wrong meter for Smart meter so Smart Meter removed and new meter fitted....(Number 3)

    Current meter fitted is an E10 meter and my tariff is E7.

    EON.NEXT do not have correct meters in stock for Smart Meter installation.
    Would this explain issues I'm having in getting bills?

    Thanks for any information and help.....
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    @Cepeid54 What is the difference between an E7 and E10 smart meter ? I know all smart meters are dual tariff. Some have a separate output which switches on and off at cheap rate times to control E7/E10 heating circuits.

    I had assumed that the ones with a separate switched output could be used with either E7 or E10 tariff just by updating the tariff on the smart meter. Is this not the case ?

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    All I know is that the engineer said I have an E10 Meter and not an E7 one, they are different meters. Either way Smart Meter was not compatible and they don't have any that work in stock. I'm not holding my breath. Unfortunately because I can't have a smart meter I have to climb a ladder to read the meter. And in answer to an obvious question I do not wish to use Direct Debit with EON.NEXT. My level of confidence in their company is rather low at present... They are aware of my situation but are reluctant to communicate.

    I have been told to go on Social Media, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook etc... I am a disabled pensioner and do not use Social Media. I have been told to phone but unfortunately I have hearing difficulties as well they are aware. I suspect when the energy crisis ends that a lot of customers will switch..

    Today I got a bill so my panic is over till the next time.

    All I ever wanted is a simple reply to my emails answering my questions.

    The secret to happy customers is communication. Rather a lot of Companies tend to forget it.
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    @Cepeid54 thank you for your reply. Yes, they are the worst company I have ever dealt with for communication. They accidentally switched our tariff to E7 back in March and since then we have had over 90 communications of various types with them. We are no further on than on the first day. We have had to explain from scratch to over a dozen different people as they can't see each others' messages. It's exhausting.

    We have been told we can only have an E7 meter although we should be on E10 so it's interesting you have been given an E10 meter when you need an E7.

    I'm sorry you need a ladder to read your meter. Sometimes it's possible to take a photo and zoom in on it, or even use a selfie stick with a phone.