£400 energy bills discount announcement

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    @DebF_EONNext Will the adjustment made each month be on the same day as when the DD is collected?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimi123 View Post
    @DebF_EONNext Will the adjustment made each month be on the same day as when the DD is collected?

    The current plan @Aimi123 is that your DD will automatically be reduced by £66/£67, so if your DD is normally £100 for example it will change to £34/£33 for the 6 month period.
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    Hey @Aimi123 👋
    @Andy65 is right your direct debit will be reduced for the 6 months from Oct - Mar (included) also if your normal direct debit is less than the £66/£67 per month (say for example your direct debit is usually £50 per month) then the remaining balance would be applied as a credit to your account 😊
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    Think mine will only work out as a credit £1/£2 so will be in contact to continue with my DD payments; thank you DebF and Andy :) x
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy65 View Post
    • Credit meter (direct debit customers) - You will see a reduction in your regular monthly direct debit payments.

    Can I have it as a refund instead?

    The money is being set aside by the Government to help with winter energy bills and the up coming price cap review therefore this should be used towards paying for your energy instead of being refunded.

    Presumably @DebF_EONNext this is how the Government have instructed how the payment is to be made, but it doesn't make sense.
    The fact that a customers' Direct Debit is being reduced by £66 or £67 per month is simply refunding the money back into their bank accounts.

    Also, I don't see how it's going to help with energy bills. Reducing a Direct Debit and therefore refunding the amount back into bank accounts will only help a customers general finances.
    I expected the money to be added directly to a customers account and Direct Debits would continue to be paid as normal. Reducing the Direct Debit doesn't help anyone with actual energy bills, particularly any customer that has a debit balance.

    So my obvious question is, will eon-next offer me the option to maintain my Direct Debit at whatever level it's set at in October, and add the £66 or £67 as a credit to my account so that it does actually have the effect of helping with my energy bills?

    ​​​Hey @Andy65 👋,

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you I promise I didn't forget about you!

    I have had some clarification on this, unfortunately as it is the official government rules on this we are unable to make any changes to the way it is paid as we have to adhere to their ruling. The alternative to this would be to make a one off payment via your online account using a debit card to top up your account with what your direct debit would have usually been. You can make a one off payment at any time even if your account is in credit.

    I know this isn't really the news you were after unfortunately though we have no control over this 😏

    ​​​​​​​Deb 🌻
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    • Credit meter (direct debit customers) - You will see a reduction in your regular monthly direct debit payments.

    any clarification?

    is this means for example? if someone paying 200, now will be paying 66/67 less but hiss account will be credited 200?
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    You are reading this correct. Your monthly DD from October to March inclusive will be reduced by £66/67 but your account will be credited with the full amount of your DD.

    So in your example, you normally pay £200 each month but for the next six months you will only pay £133/134 and the government will pay £67/66 so your account will still be credited with the full amount.

    ​​​​​​​You do not need to do anything as it will happen automatically.
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    Paying by Direct debit reduces suppliers’ costs by reducing bad debts amongst other things like reduced administration. Customers then share in those benefits through marginally lower prices. Customers generally have a choice about how they pay for their energy. Those that don’t have a choice are those on prepayment meters - Eon next refuse to transfer customers to credit meters irrespective of their credit worthiness which is a real outrage. And they will not play ball on customers who want economy 7. There is a nasty side to Eon next that undermines their attempt to portray themselves as green and caring in my humble opinion.
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