Eon to Eon next, complete mess.

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    A couple of months ago I received an email saying I was being moved from eon to eon next.
    I was told: you won't have to do anything. Just leave it to us.
    The next thing I know I have been sent a bill and told that I must pay it within seven days as I had cancelled my direct debit.
    I did not cancel my direct debit at all.
    I have since been told by customer services that I instructed them not to be moved. This is also not true.
    I also believe that my last two bills are incorrect.
    I'm currently working away and cannot call the 0808 number from where I am.
    Customer services via email are hopeless, they just keep telling me to ring the 0808 number, which I can't.
    I feel I'm losing the will to live...
    Why can't I request a call back or be given a number I can call from outside the UK?
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    Hi there @Citori & @pt123 👋

    ​​​​​​​Apologies! We must have missed this

    did you manage to get in touch with us/sort this out?
    🌍 Striving for a bigger, better and sustainable world!

    There are lots of new ways to contact us! If you do need us please
    👉get in touch👈
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    I too am having a similar experience. As I was moved to eonnext from eon, my DD was cancelled without informing me and I was moved to a variable rate monthly payment. When I raised a complaint, it was set back to DD (atleast that was reflected in my eonnext account) but no money went out of my bank account after that. I have been asking for setting DD for past 8 weeks and everytime I get a similar response "it is showing in the account as set"!! No one picks up the phone and the same customer advisor responds to emails, but still no help.
    I am also getting estimated bill because their smart meter is not able to send the readings somehow!! and it is still not fixed despite sending several emails and providing all the information. They do not even have any clue on manually getting readings from the smart meter that I have in my property!!!
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    Same issue for me ...moved house and transferred accounts and they changed me to EON next and cancelled my direct debit and then sent stroppy message about paying the bill because I have no direct debit setup.

    Strange thing is moved at the end of July and they took money out in the middle of August and now we are in September and say I have no Direct Debit setup.

    Pathetic customer service, no answer to phone or emails and office hours are a joke for people who work.
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    We moved from EON to EON NEXT in April - they took payment in April and then stopped the DD - which was for a set amount.

    Only realised in July that no money had been taken for last 2/3 months and no communications whatsoever from EON NNEXT, and submitted a meter reading to find out we were £300 in debt.

    Suggested a payment plan to EON NEXT to catch up - no response - but implemented it anyway!

    Have tried to contact EON NEXT by phone - but no joy in getting anyone to pick up the phone.

    Have emailed and whilst I got a reply from the CS Agent it was useless and they never followed up or actioned my request.

    Have escalated to both help@ and ceo@ and Michael Lewis (CEO) by email but again no response.

    Now into 6 weeks without a reply or any feedback from the date of when I raised the issue - so 2 more weeks and will take to OFGEM to sort out.

    This week we have had 3 separate emails from them stating they will take £x via DD on three different dates in October!

    Anybody had any joy with them.