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    Hey community 👋 Are we all having a lovely sunny June?

    As the 15th June was Global Wind Day 🌪 & the 16th June was Clean Air Day 🍃 let’s talk wind generation!

    In the past we have heavily relied on fossil fuels to keep us going but as the world moves forward we are looking at ways to improve the impact we are having on the environment & climate change. As a society we are looking towards greener energy solutions to protect our world & planet for the future generations. At E.ON Next we 100% agree with this & absolutely love this forward thinking which is why we are a renewable energy supplier ⚡

    Did you know?...Renewable energy comes from many sources such as solar, hydro & of course wind energy! Just one wind turbine is powerful enough to power up to 300 homes 🏡 Many things factor into how powerful a turbine is including the size of the turbine & how fast the wind gusts through the massive blades. Over the years turbines have grown taller which gives the added advantage of being able to use better wind resources from higher heights & allowing for bigger blades to be used making them much more powerful 💪

    There was a brief discussion with @Andy65 on our It’s Earth Day thread recently about wind turbines & how they impact the environment aesthetically. I personally don’t like the way that they look. I think that they could be blended into the environment better however I do prefer the look of a turbine to a power station. Our @Beki_EONNext on the other hand loves how they look!

    We would love to hear your thoughts on wind farms, turbines & all things wind energy! Do you perhaps have a turbine, living rural Scotland I see lots of properties & of course farms that have their own turbines to generate their own energy!! We would also love to know if anyone did anything for Global Wind Day or Clean Air Day to raise awareness?

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    On the 15th June the average wind generation was only around 7%, it's a bit poor when it can't be bothered to turn up to its own party 🙄
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    On the 15th June the average wind generation was only around 7%, it's a bit poor when it can't be bothered to turn up to its own party 🙄

    Why do I feel the wind would have a sassy response like this 😆 🌪

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    Even Putin can't control the wind!
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