I have just had a smart meter fitted.

The instruction book and the fitting engineer both told me that when i am exporting to the grid a little "Pylon" symbol should light up and the display will tell me how much I'm exporting.

It doesn't do this. The pylon never lights up, if I am using less than the Solar is generating the display just reads zero.

I have checked and I can switch the solar off, and I then see I am using say 850W according to the IHD. I switch the solar on and the IHD drops to zero. It's a 6KW system and it was telling me it is generating around 4 to 5 KW

Any clues on how I can make this work? Just showing zero is most unhelpful, as I want to know if it would be a good time to say charge my car or do the washing, but zero could mean I'm exporting 10W, or it could mean I'm exporting 5KW!