I do not want a smart meter, how many times do you have to be told!!!!??

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    I dont know how many times I have to tell you. i do not want a smart meter, I never have done and I never will.

    Despite calling up last year and specifically stating I dont want one I was assured my details would be removed from any marketing literature and I would not be bothered again.

    However, in the space of just a few weeks I have received 2 emails from you like the 1 attached telling me to book in for one.

    I DO NOT WANT ONE!!!!!

    You can see I have been harassed since 2019 and have to continually message someone to stop the letters and emails coming through!!!

    ​​​​​​​Enough is enough. One more form of communication about smart meters aimed at me personally and I will be reporting you to the police, the ICO and Ofgem for harassment. It is causing me great distress. I am disabled and I am on the PSR so I dont know why you are continuing to taunt me. 😑😑😑😑
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    This is a customer to customer Forum @Lacoste1985 so you would be better off contacting eon-next Customer Services again.

    If you are on a fixed tariff it's possible that a condition of that tariff is that you agree to having smart meters fitted, which may explain why you are still being contacted. If you're not then you should consider raising a complaint if you've requested not to be contacted about smart meters.
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    @Andy65 thank you for replying. Youre the only person who has done so so far apart from @PeterT_EONNext who removed some of the screenshots I uploaded because they contained some personal information.
    @PeterT_EONNext As you work for Eon next can you please assist me here.

    I am not on a fixed tariff and havent been for quite a few years, due to the stipulation to have a smart meter fitted, hence I have been on a variable tariff for as long as I can remember. I would appreciate you looking into this for me and sending me a letter by post that I can keep to produce in future should I continue to keep getting harassed by the smart meter dept.

    ​​​​​​​I dont understand why it is so difficult to put a note on your systems that ALL staff should be able to see, no matter what dept they work in that says if someone wants a smart meter or not. Its getting beyond laborious now.
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    Hi @Lacoste1985

    I'm sorry to hear that you're receiving communications about having Smart Meters installed if you've previously said that you don't want them.

    Firstly, As Andy65 has mentioned above, the Community is a member to member based forum where you can post and talk to other members, we have a Community team such as myself and you'll see a few others around too, who are here to moderate. As you have seen, I had to remove pictures you uploaded originally as these go against our Community Values. It's not safe to post pictures containing your personal info, so it was in your best interest for me to remove these. Please read over our Community Values here to understand how to post, and what you should/shouldn't be posting 😊

    I have noticed that you've used the word harassed by these communications, please can you let me know how often you're actually receiving these messages? The communications are sent out automatically so it won't be someone sending this out to you manually, however, you really shouldn't be receiving that many, and of course, you're not obliged to have one installed if you're on the variable tariff.

    It's likely if your account has moved over to E.ON Next's system recently, you've fallen back into the Smart campaign journey, and that's why you're receiving these messages, you can be opted out completely though.

    This is something you will need to get in touch with customer services to have resolved, you can find a number of ways in my signature below of getting in touch, and the fastest ways to do so.

    You'll need to request a 'long term opt out' when you speak to customer services. This will stop all Smart installation messages/reminders being sent to you entirely.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Pete 😊
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