huge credit to my account again

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    Help! Last November I was given a credit to my account incorrectly. Eon meter reading was les than mine. Sorted this out (took three tries!). Happened again in February. Sorted this out and was promised it wouldn't happen again. Happened in April. Told that request to repair meter was made on 19 April, would take less than a month.
    Happened again in May. Told you couldn't do anything now as it's already been reported.

    And yes, today it's happened again. Over Β£250 credited to my account because Eon meter readings are less than mine. Fed up of sending photos of my meter. fed up hearing how it's been sorted when it hasn't been. At the moment I can just put in a reading to put it right again until next month. BUT in August we move from fixed rate to variable rate, so I won't be able to do this. (I'll be charged at new rate for previous electricity).

    This has been going on since November 2021. It should really have been sorted by now.

    I have not telephoned yet. Perhaps someone there could advise?
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    Hey there @frustratedandangry, Beki here πŸ‘‹ (thanks @theunknowntech for the tag)

    I wondered if you have a smart meter? If so, my next question is, when you cycle through the screens, do you have a R1 and R2 and when you give your readings, do you give the Total Import reading? The reason I ask is that we have a number of customers who were remotely switched over to a single rate with their previous supplier and it is still registered as a 2 rate with the DCC. This means that when we poll reads, it polls the R1 at a single rate, and therefore omits the R2 readings (even though these don't change).

    We are working on a solution for this and for the time being, one of our Energy Specialist can pop a monthly reminder on your account to add the additional missing units before your bill is generated. You will need to pop them a message or phone call. You can find all the details over on our Contact Us thread.
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    through our mixture of helpful volunteers and experienced Eon Next staff I suspect we'll get to the bottom of this. If you could post a picture of your meter and give detail of whether you're a DD or prepayment customer, @theunknowntech will probably be able to diagnose the problem and escalate the issue to somebody who can solve it.

    ​​​​​​​I'm not sure what you mean by saying the change from fix rate to variable rate will change anything. You will still only pay for energy used in the correct period at the correct rate - once the issues have been ironed out.
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    Yeah, this is sounding like something beyond what I can do I'm afraid. Got a minute @Beki_EONNext ?
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    Hi Beki

    Yes, we do have a smart meter, but not display thingy (not sure what they're called). had one originally, but it didn't work when we moved suppliers so we put it somewhere safe and now can't find it. The reading we give is from the meter. Just press button A.

    We were with Eon for over a year before this problem started, but I will call and ask if this could be our problem. Certainly sounds possible! Will contact them and post here with reply.

    Thanks to all.
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    So no reply to my email to Eon, so contacted them again through Twitter today. Explained what you said the problem could be. This was the reply:

    'If you go to the meter for your electric and go through the screens you will get to the debt owed screen on screen 27, this will show you how much debt you have left and the next screen will show you how much you pay back.'

    Don't know who's account they're looking at, but it's definitely not mine! Never had a debt with any energy company. Looks like she thinks it's a prepayment meter. It isn't.