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    When I moved into my new property there was a debt on the gas meter and I had to call several times to have it cancelled. As a result I was left with no hot water for 24 hours. A few days later I used my brand new gas card. I put £50 on it. The next day the money was gone and I had a debt again. As it was Saturday EON Next would not do anything. I was told to use a kettle and wait until Monday. I was told I could clear the debt If I wanted hot water. I would get a refund. I did clear it and now EON Next is dragging their feet to pay me back. I live in fear of having another debt cropping up cutting off the supply and of running out of money. Thank you for your help.
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    Hi @Stephanie2022 ,

    Sorry to hear that! I think I can get one of the moderators here to take a look and try to help. @PeterT_EONNext @Anasa_EONNext and @DebF_EONNext are pretty good at this sort of thing if memory serves. I can't remember if the refund is issued by cheque or to your gas card, but I can definitely ask them how it might be issued.

    It's worth noting this process takes a while though, as the supplier needs to run the numbers.
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    Hi @Stephanie2022

    I'm really sorry to hear that your gas meter has taken credit for existing debt on the meter.

    Are you able to post some pictures of the meter here at all? We'll need to see how much debt is on the meter as well as the amounts being taken each week.

    I'll need to see screens numbered 25, 26 and 27 - if you're unsure how to get these up on the meter, below are some instructions:

    1. Take your card out of the meter
    2. If the screen is blank, press the red 'A' button - it will then display 'for gas'
    3. Press and hold the red A button until you hear a beep
    4. Let go and you'll see '00' on the screen'
    5. Keep pressing A to go through all of the screens.

    When you get to screen 24, insert the card into the meter and then go on to view screens 25, 26 and 27 and please send photo's of these over here so that I can help you further.

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    Hello, thank for your reply. I cleared the debt of £217 on Saturday morning in order to get hot water. Or else I would still be without hot water as I speak. I have about £15.00 credit on my card. I fear that I might get a debt tomorrow when I go to Nisa to top it up. There must be a fault with the meter but EON Next won't send out an engineer. I have all the receipts from Nisa. But I do not have a mobile phone. Thank you. Kind regards,

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    Do you have any friends who can help with those photos? Once Pete is able to run the numbers, he'll be able to identify whether the debt is yours or not and if he confirms it's someone else's he'll be able to issue commands to all PayPoint shops to set a message on your gas card that'll wipe any further debt and disable debt collection completely within your next five top-ups.

    If you keep topping up in the meantime, this will also help to retrieve data from the meter. Gas meters don't reveal as much as electric meters do, but every bit helps.