IHD6 and SmartThings (Samsung)

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    I originally got my smart meter from Bulb in April last year. I then switch to Igloo who went under and I was placed on E.On Next.

    Since then my Smart Meter itself is working fine it seems. But what no longer functions is the ability to view the smart meter from my "SmartThings" app on my phone which is provided by Samsung.

    After weeks of waiting for data to get from the SmartMeter to the app, nothing seems to be happening.

    I guess the first question is, should I still be able to access my IHD6 via an app or other methods. If so, what checks can do to ensure everything is as it should be.

    Its worth noting that the device does has cellular single and is also connected to WiFi.

    ​​​​​​​Thank you
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    The Chameleon IHD6 units provided by suppliers generally can't feed real-time data into apps I'm afraid. But they can and do use that Wi-Fi for firmware updates and support purposes, so it's still useful to connect it to Wi-Fi.Please contact Chameleon directly for help with the SmartThings Integration via https://chameleontechnology.co.uk .
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    It used to work on the Samsung SmartThings app. But I had to reinstall the app and I've not had it working since.

    It is connected to wifi.

    I also looked at the site you've linked and e-mailed them but i only got this reply:
    Thank you for your email.

    If you have a question about your own smart meter or in-home display, please visit our Help Page here https://chameleontechnology.co.uk/inhomedisplayhelp. You will find video user guides, user guides to download or answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

    If this doesn’t answer your query, please contact your energy supplier directly, as only they are able to help you with most queries. If you don’t have their contact details to hand, please see your most recent bill, or use this link to search for their phone number and email address. bit.ly/findmysupplier

    If you are a member of the media, please contact our Marketing and Communications team here press@chameleontechnology.co.uk

    If you are looking to become a new supplier to Chameleon Technology, please note that we are not taking on any new suppliers at the moment.

    If your query relates to another matter, someone will be in contact with you.

    Thank you.
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    Reply back and tell them it's to do with the Samsung SmartThings Energy integration, NOT your IHD.
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    Any update on this? I have a SMET2 provided by e.onnext and I have enquired about having a CAD to access/provide more detailed information from the smart meter. It took lots of queries to eventually be told that e.onnext are trialing CAD technology, but this is not yet available for their customers. So ... if the SmartThings app could access data from the SMET2, that would be a step forward.