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    I used to pay by debit card online. Now, for some reason it won't let me through as the security has changed and there's a box now that pops up, apparently run by Visa. It is supposed to have a password in it like it does in every other site I go on, but the Eon box doesn't have a password in it, so it won't let me pay.
    So, I now pay by bank transfer every month, as I hate direct debits. The trouble is, with this payment, which is the first time I did it last month, I never received confirmation emails of receipt of payment like I always did before.
    Don't you get receipt of payment emails when you do a bank transfer? I really do need them.

    Secondly, we get the warm home discount of £140 every year. Even though we're getting extra help in the Autumn will we still get the £140?

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    Hey there @Magpie ,

    For the receipt issues, let me call in an assist from @PeterT_EONNext . I don't have access to your account as a forum volunteer, but Pete does and he might be able to issue receipts. It's definitely a good feature suggestion at very least!

    As for the Warm Home Discount, I've been researching this alongside my friend Blastoise186. We're pleased to confirm that even with the other payments you may qualify for, the Warm Home Discount will be in addition to them and you'll qualify for that too if you're in the Core Group or Broader Group as usual. It's also boosted to £150 from this year onwards and is reported to be fully automated for everyone in both groups from now on.
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    Hi @Magpie 👋 Welcome to the Community 😄

    At the moment, we'll only send payment confirmation to you via email when you've made a payment via the website - I've suggested to our tech team though if this can be considered for bank transfer payments received so that you have receipt of your payment once this has reached your account, so thank you for the feedback on that. Would you like me to manually arrange a receipt for your payment via email on this occasion? If so, let me know and I'll get this done for you.

    More importantly, you should be able to make payments online via card, so this is something we need to look into.

    The online payment system is run by Worldpay. Without sharing any of your bank details, are you able to share a screenshot of the problem you're experiencing when you go to make a payment online so I can take a further look into this for you?

    ​​​​​​​Thanks - Pete 😊
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    I think this might be a 3DSecure/3DSecure 2 issue based on the description so far. Further investigation with Worldpay is probably needed.
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    Yes I would like a receipt Thankyou. When I pay this month's bill, I will first go to pay online, and then I will send a snapshot of what comes up. I think it must be to do with world pay too but I'm not allowed to talk to them. I've asked Eon twice to look into it but nothing has been done.

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    Hi @Magpie

    I've sent you two emails, each confirming your two separate payments via bank transfer recently.

    Yes, please do let us know when you go to pay again - if you encounter the same issue, please provide a screenshot so I can take this away to our Tech Team to look into.

    ​​​​​​​Pete 😊
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    Hello, I thought I would let you know how I got on with paying my bills this month.
    I thought I will try to pay online then when that box comes up stopping me, I will take a screen shot and send it to you, then pay by bank transfer.
    Well nice surprise, I have been able to pay online! I couldn't believe it. After I had put my card details in and pressed pay, I thort here I go again, but to my surprise, a page came up immediately saying Thankyou we have your payment.
    ​​​​​​​So pleased I've got my confirmation emails back. Thanks for sending the last ones.
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    @Magpie That's brilliant news! 😄

    Not quite sure what was happening previously, but I'm glad to hear this is now working for you!

    Pete 😊