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    Is anyone else having that since being migrated to Eon Next, can’t top up prepayment meters at all online?
    Can see the link to top up but loading it gets a blank page, never get as far as the page loading for payment info to be put in.
    Called Eon and was told they can’t raise a fault out of hours and to call back 9-5!! As if we have all the time in the world to spend on sorting this!
    Was also told go to a shop but the householder is very vulnerable so top up online was helpful to do remotely and to keep their family with elec!
    Is this an isolated issue or are others experiencing that they can’t top up online?
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    Evening @ZoeMichyla 😊

    Welecome to our community!! πŸ’—

    We have seen some delays in top ups hitting your meter in regards to Smart Pay As You Go during the migration process I am afraid 😣. I would recommend you deleting and re-installing the app to see if things refresh and work better for you. If that still doesn't work then I would recommend getting in touch with us with your account details so we can look into things further.
    Please do drop us a message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp and our Energy Specialists will assist you. I understand that the 9-5 phonelines are not ideal for everyone! So the members of our digital team work 24 hours a day. So they will get back to you in a timely mannor 😊

    We also do have a Priority Services Register (PSR). This is just a little thing to bring our attention to the customer being vunerable, and less likely to be able to do things such as go to a shop etc, so its worth getting that updated whilst you talk to us.

    Take care,
    ​​​​​​​Hannah 🌍
    🌍 Striving for a bigger, better and sustainable world!

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    @ZoeMichyla,have just ben switched and having the same problem,can't top up on App or main site.I hope alls ok now,how did it get resolved ?