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    We know that it has been a really tough year in the energy world and in May the government announced a new package to tackle the soaring prices. The £200 loan has since been increased to a non-repayable £400 grant, additionally the poorest of households could also get a payment of £650 to help with the increased cost of living.

    There’s a lot more to it than that so let’s break it down a little further so you can see what you might be entitled to, whether you are here as an E.ON Next customer or just passing by. Please bear in mind that this information is correct at the time of posting however we will endeavor to update when we get further information.

    £400 Energy Bill Discount Grant

    UPDATE: EBSS is due to end 31st March you can find out more about how this will affect your bills going forward
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    What is it?
    A £400 energy bill grant will be in place from October 2022 which you don’t need to pay back. This discount replaces the previous £200 loan. This will be paid in installments over 6 months to help with energy bills over the winter. You'll receive £66 in October & November then £67 each month December - March. How you receive this will depend on what meter type you have & how you pay:

    • Credit meter (direct debit customers) - You will see a reduction in your monthly direct debit payments.
    • Credit meter (receipt of bill customers who make manual payments by card or post office etc) - This will be paid to your account automatically so you won't need to do anything.
    • Smart pay as you go meter - This will be applied to your meter automatically.
    • Traditional Prepayment meter (top up key/card) - You will receive a voucher either by post/email/text. It is important to ensure all of your contact details are up to date, you can check everything is up to date by logging into your online account or on the app. If your details are no longer up to date please get in touch with our energy specialists who can change this for you.

    How do I get it?
    E.ON Next, or your energy supplier will automatically add this grant payment to your energy account. You won’t need to do anything if you’re a pay monthly customer, as it will be popped onto your energy account automatically.

    For Pay As You Go, E.ON Next or your energy supplier will let you know as soon as they can how it’ll be applied to your account/meters. Once we have firm details on how this will be applied, we will update this post to let you know. You’ll be able to split this payment between your gas and electric though if you want to.

    Council Tax Rebate

    What is it?
    It’s a payment of £150 to households living in council tax bands A – D. Payments will be made from April 2022 and will not need to be paid back. Some people have seen these payments already, and others are expected to see them in the near future.

    How do I get it?
    If you pay your council tax via direct debit (DD), you’ll receive your payment directly into your account. If you pay by cash, or another method your local council will get in touch to arrange your rebate.

    Does the payment have to go on energy bills?
    Whilst it is intended for this purpose, you can use the money for anything you need to.

    £650 Low Income Payment

    What is it?
    The government will make a £650 payment that will be made to more than eight million low-income households who receive Universal Credit, tax credits, pension credit and other means-tested benefits.
    This will be an automatic payment into bank accounts.

    It comes in two installments - the first in July and the second sometime in autumn. Payments for those on tax credits only will follow shortly afterwards.

    Further Support

    Our lovely Bennie got together a lot of information to help our members with advice, support and charity initiatives.

    Warm Home Discount is there to help those who are struggling to keep up with their energy payments. Customers on the scheme will get a one-off, annual discount of £140 (increased to £150 this year) on their electricity bill. It’s a scheme supported by the government and energy suppliers. There is a deadline to apply so please check the link below.

    E.ON Next Energy Fund which can help if you are struggling with your household energy debts or can even help replace your broken or damaged essential appliances. This is so important as old appliances might be running the energy a lot quicker than new ones, which means you can end up saving so much energy without even realising it.

    Payment Plans - If you are struggling then you can complete a budget income and expenditure online through Paylink so we can help support you with a payment plan that suits your needs.

    Money Health Checks - Stepchange offer a free money health check to offer financial support and guidance and help you work out your next steps.

    Debt Advice - You can get free independent debt advice accredited by the Financial Conduct authority through Money Advice Trust

    Priority Services Register for our customers that might need some additional support. This is usually eligible for people with young children, elderly people or everyone that lives or has a disability or chronic illness.

    The Affordable Warmth Scheme is a government led eco scheme that helps people heat their homes in an energy-efficient way. It allows people to spend less on their monthly bills and support being friendlier to the environment too. If you're wondering how to get free or partly funded energy improvements don't worry, we've made it really simple.

    We work alongside charities such as StepChange, Citizens Advice and Turn2Usfor those customers who need extra support to pay their debts or create a financial plan to avoid debts. They are amazing charities. It will be worth it to check them out if in need.

    Our customers' well-being is at the top of our priority list and this is why we partnered with a charity called Mind who can support you with the struggles of mental health based on financial situations. Almost 18% of people in the UK suffer with mental health based on financial reasons and we are here to help to break the stigma behind this and support you.

    Of course, if you do have any general questions or just need some friendly advice in regards to your energy account, comment below and we will be happy to help.
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    Hi @Transcend

    There's a slightly more detailed post here.

    As this is Government driven my assumption is that the method of paying the £400 has either been dictated to or agreed with the energy suppliers.
    My understanding is that the £66/£67 will be credited to your electricity account, your DD is then reduced by the said amount so that your total monthly payment to eon-next is the same.

    On the link to the other thread there are FAQ's, which say the customer can't have the £400 as a payment to themselves because it's to be used for energy. But by reducing your DD by £66/£67 each month is the same as paying it in to your bank account.
    It should be paid as an extra payment ie in addition to your normal DD payment, that's helping with energy bills.

    One would expect to see this £66/£67 transaction clearly itemised on our accounts but nothing surprises me anymore these days. I have asked the question on the other thread that can a customer continue to pay their normal DD amount so that the £400 ACTUALLY reduces the deficit on our accounts, and let's face it as it's the winter period most of us will have a deficit.
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    If your DD is normally £100 you will instead be billed £33/£34 in your DD but £100 will be credited to your electricity account balance.

    If your DD is normally £50 (you may use gas as well or be a low user) your DD will be zero and £16/17 will be sent to your bank account ( to use as you wish, gas perhaps?) The full amount of £50 will be credited to your electricity account.

    I think we've become rather cynical of energy companies and the Government in recent times , but this one you really do get what it says on the tin.
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    I can see how you’re looking at this and where the confusion is kicking in.

    The government subsidy will be applied to your bills, so your bill will be £66 or £67 less in the months it is applied. That is the important bit.

    To reflect the reduction in your monthly bill your DD will be reduced by the equivalent amount in the months it is applied so that you feel the benefit in real time. It doesn’t mean you’re getting it twice.

    That’s how I read it, at least.
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    In addition the Government has recognised that some people may still need help but not covered by the precise terms of the measures described. Therefore more flexible policies can be adopted locally via the following:

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    Also in Scotland parents with children (under 19) receiving high rate disability payments may be eligible for the Child Winter Heating assistance too 😊
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    Additionally for some that are eligible the Winter Fuel Payment has an uplift 2022-2023. As an example last year for me it was £200 paid directly into my bank account.

    This winter it is rising for 1 year from £200 to £500. Payable as a single payment some time between October and March...

    Worth checking for eligibility... Every little bit helps.....
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    I'm as bit confused by the information provided on how the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS) payments are to be applied to our electricity accounts.

    E.On Next's guide advises that I (a DD customer) will see a discount of £66 applied to my energy bills in October and November, and £67 a month from December to March 2023 which makes sense, then it advises that E.On Next will be paying the money differently, depending on how you pay for your fuel now, and that Fixed Direct Debit customers will receive the money automatically as a deduction to their monthly Direct Debit. Yes that reduces the amount I actually pay that month, but the energy I use still needs to be paid for.

    I may be reading it all wrong but nothing is ever plain English with Energy providers, surely if they reduce my Monthly Direct Debit then no credit is going to my Electric account, and the energy I am using still needs to be paid for. Yes I can transfer the reduction in my direct debit from my bank back into my energy account, but there is no reduction in the energy costs used, and I don't see any of the Energy Bills Support Scheme payments or discounts on my electric account.

    Can you please advise that as well as E.On Next reducing my Direct Debit payments over the (EBSS) months, will I also see the credits of £66 in October & November and £67 each month December - March added to my Electric account?

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    Surely that would mean you end up getting the payment twice? Once, when your DD is reduced, therefore more money in your bank, and then again when they add a credit to your electricity account, reducing your bill.

    This doesn’t seem right? I think it’ll be a reduction in your DD so more money in your bank, and it will be our responsibility to be sensible with that extra money and set it aside for the bills