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    @Han_EONNext hi sorry been away with family troubles but back on track now , myself I agree with the company's making profits rather than actually address the issue it always looks good on paper but it rarely makes a impact on the environments future it's still causing problems , remember the scoop shops were you could take your own containers everytime and buy your loose weight produce this would be a good idea to introduce these that would make a bigger impact on recycling and waste for sure , they harp on about recycling but Wen you receive somthing from home delivery you find it has box in box but plastic packing on both Wats the point boxes can be recycled but not the plastic yet it's not needed so it looks ok on the outside but I side it still has allsorts of in recyclable packing , why on earth do we need fruit in plastic bags Wen you look deeper yea there are company's changing the way they sell and pack but yes there is a price to pay yet if they aren't using them Why the inflation ,in my opinion there is always a contradiction to something that changes nothing changes fully unless you change it urself maybe we need to stop looking too others for change and try this ourselfs stop buying if we think it's not right surley then they will have to stop anyway , excatkt like charity it never stops me giving but by now wouldn't you think that there should be no one without watever the charity is supposed to be providing , just like food banks with the profits in supermarkets they could donate evey week yet we buy the stuff put it in the collection boxes yet they say they have donated mmm they get richer 🀷 cut the middle men out everyone would have enough end of the day eveything comes from the planet so surley it's all free anyway lol make a economy but don't abuse the system