Ihd smartview 2 not showing gas

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    @theunknowntech Hi, sorry to be a pain could you please just confirm for me that the smart view 2 can't receive any software updates as it only communicates via RF Channel? Only I want to give Eon another piece of my mind.
    I finally got an email reply from them stating that they are aware of the issue with IHD and that a software update was imminet.
    But if I'm not mistaken the SMV2 can't receive software update.

    ​​​​​They also tell me to look on website, and this will tell me I could track my energy on their website.

    If someone at Eon had even bothered to look they would have seen that I had a Smart view 2( surely they have this info)

    ​​​​​​Secondly that the gas meter is not connected to the home area network and only ever was for an hour or so. I have found this out after installing the bright app that was recommended

    ​​​​​​​Many thanks again
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    Correct. To the best of my knowledge, pretty much no product from In Home Displays Limited has ever been capable of getting firmware updates. It's not just limited to the SmartView 2, but also to the SmartView, SmartView 2, SmartView 3, SmartView 4, SmartView Pro and SmartXtend - the latter of which is a dead product anyway. Everything on the Home Area Network communicates via ZigBee and only the Comms Hub has direct access of some kind to the outside world. Any firmware updates would only apply to the meters and comms hub.

    To be brutally honest, I doubt they'd release many anyway. I've never seen any evidence of meaningful firmware changes and they seem to do merely the bare minimum required to obtain ZigBee Certification and get the thing to boot up and do something useful. And then nothing else happens...
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