Ihd smartview 2 not showing gas

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    Hi, to anyone that can help a newbie. I had brand new hopefully Smet2 gas and electricity meters installed on the 11th of May however my smart view 2 ihd will not show gas readings. I'm not sure if it has not been set up correctly to the correct RF channel or if the Smart view 2 is a load of pants after reading various things elsewhere and on this forum that they aren't vary good. Also ihd will only work in same room as electric meter move it a few feet and it's out of range.

    ​​​​​​I've tried connecting eon but with little success, I was also promised a phone call once but with no success.

    If these IHD are so pants why are Eon fobbing us of with these, considering we are paying for this equipment in our bills, the equipment should work, otherwise what's the point.

    ​​​​​​If you purchased an electronic device online and it was faulty or pants you have a right to return it

    ​​​​​​​Many thanks Peterpan
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    I've had a similar issue with gas not showing on the IHD too. After getting nowhere I registered on the 'bright' app as it shows the current status of your meters and data from the DCC.
    I discovered that my meters and comms hub were commissioned but the Gas proxy function shows as installed not commissioned. In this state the gas will never show on the IHD.

    The problem I have now is getting hold of someone that knows what the GPF is. The team on twitter are responsive but they will ask you to reboot the display or place it close to the meter, like that somehow is going to fix the GPF issue.
    I have now emailed a complaint so that I can escalate my case, unfortunately that means waiting another 8 weeks before I can do so.
    In my situation they're able to take remote readings which means it works for them so all is well as far as they're concerned.
    I want the consumer features to work 100%, I want to monitor usage to the kwh, I want the device which we've paid for to work as intended.
    ​​​​​​​I'm normally a happy person but these meters have turned me into a proper grump haha.
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    Hiya @Peterpan and @StePhoto !

    You're somewhat correct there. The IHDL SmartView 2 is a piece of junk compared to other IHDs, but I can save you. Check out my guide over at https://community.eonnext.com/thread...ve-IHD-options if you fancy a replacement. Pretty much any of the SMETS2 options in that guide should work for you. But please wait six to eight weeks from the date of installing your smart meters before buying any of that stuff! The IHDs manufactured by Chameleon, Geo and Hildebrand are FAR superior to the rubbish that IHDL spits out, but you can only buy their IHDs via the routes my guide mentions - IHDs purchased from sites like Amazon or eBay will NOT work.

    Your gas meters will always take longer to fully commission than electric meters will, it's partially down to the way they communicate. I'd suggest keeping an eye on them during the next few weeks and definitely flag it up if they still don't communicate properly after that.

    ​​​​​​​Hope this helps somehow!
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    I've actually got the Geo Trio touch screen display which Symbio Energy supplied last August. It's good and I'm very happy with it. It just needs a competent supplier for it to function correctly 😉

    There has to be at least one person that works for Eon Next that knows what the GPF is and how to commission it 🤔

    Maybe if the smart meter team employ me I can fix my own meter 😂

    Anyway @Peterpan good luck with your issue, hopefully your experience will be more positive than mine.
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    @theunknowntech many thanks for info, it would be good if eon told me it takes time for gas to show on ihd

    Also why are Eon supplying equipment not fit for purpose, I don't see why I should have to pay for another IHD if its nothing but Junk. I am paying for this equipment from my bills.

    ​​​​If I purchased any other electronic equipment, I would be able to send it back for a full refund and buy something better.

    ​​​​​​​Not having a go at you, just having a moan.
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    Yeah, I get what you mean there. In actual fact, I've managed to make progress in that regard and convinced E.On Next to have a re-think. I'm not able to reveal details right now, but I can say this much. E.On Next will not be making another order for the IHDL SmartView 2 and once the current stocks run out, something else will take its place.

    Oh, and yeah... It's taken me and my friends several months of research just to create that replacement IHD guide - and quite a while to convince E.On Next to get the message across to customer service about not sending people to Amazon or eBay. I don't work for anyone in the energy industry or customer service myself, so I'm able to maintain an independent status. However, I have a very strong level of trust on this community and my content does get noticed by management. I think that guide was basically what tipped them to change tactics.
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    @theunknowntech interesting, well done on convincing Eon not to issue any more smart view 2 in near future. All I have to do now is get them to acknowledge I have an issue with mine, but have my doubts or that they will do anything about it. I have now issued a formal complaint, as I wasn't getting anywhere with telephone or Facebook communication.
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    Well, if you fancy an ivie Bud they've agreed to give you a 10% discount. You can pick one up via https://ivie.co.uk and if you chuck discount code EONNEXT5 into the voucher code option at the basket, it'll apply the discount.

    ​​​​​​​That way, you can at least have a working IHD without talking to E.On again.
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    Probably worth me mentioning this as well actually. I don't know how many unused SmartView 2 units are left in the remaining inventory, but I would imagine that E.On will continue giving those remaining ones out temporarily until the new replacements arrive, but certainly for the long term, I don't foresee the IHDL SmartView 2 being given out anymore.

    As for the remaining stock? Well, my guesses are that one or more of the following will happen with the leftover SmartView 2 IHD units once the new ones are ready:
    • The remaining stock continues to get used up until it runs out, just to flush out the inventory and be done with them and then all future installs switch over to the replacement
    • Some engineers get the replacement, while others continue to burn down the remaining SV2 stocks until they're gone and then get resupplied with the replacement option
    • E.On stops issuing any further SV2 immediately and keeps only a handful for testing purposes and/or as spares - I wouldn't be surprised if a few units continue to live at their offices
    • All the remaining SV2 stock gets returned to the original source for a refund or credit of some kind
    • E.On decides to just hold onto them all in a warehouse somewhere and eventually forget about them
    • (very unlikely) the units are just disposed of entirely

    As for which guess is right? I couldn't possibly say. I would understand if the plan was to flush out whatever inventory is still in the warehouse and free up space. But yeah... There's only going to be a finite number of them left and I bet you they'll deplete pretty quickly either way.