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    I'm wondering if you could help with a question. I recently moved into a flat with a prepayment meter and the agent stated it already had £5 on when entering. On the 7th i put £20 on the electric key, i have the receipt, and inserted it into the prepayment meter. It said it "accepted" it but i wasn't too sure. Yesterday, the 10th, i lost power and im now in emergency credit.

    Is there any way to check the money was registered onto the electric key? And if it was accepted by the meter? I have the receipt available with details.

    Appreciate your help. Quite urgent as im currently in emergency credit and not sure whether putting more money on would help the issue.


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    Hi @Lewiso89,

    thank you for reaching out over to the community.

    As this seems to be an emergency, I would advise to head over to our social media platform, explain what has happened and speak to one of our Energy Specialists on the following links:

    It is important that the meter gets reset. When did you move in ?

    The previous tenant might have left a debt on the meter, which could be the reason why your top up didn't show up. If you send a picture of the receipt when speaking to someone over social media, they will be able to refund you this money.

    Please feel free to get back in touch if you have any further questions 😃

    Good Luck 🍀