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    I have lived in the same rented property for the last 14 years,while i have been here the E-ON account is in my name and electricity bill is paid by myself and is not in with the rent. We have oil central heating,about a week ago the boiler broke and the parts are obsolete now,so my landlord went to have a new oil boiler fitted and oil tank as the tank has degraded but the price he was quoted was expensive. He has now decided to have an electric boiler and solar panels fitted. My question(in a long winded way) is,as i pay the electricity bill and the account is in my name. Who will get the SEG my landlord or myself?
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    I realise this is an old thread but just wanted to chime in just in case anyone else has the same question.

    Under normal circumstances the owner of the panels would be eligible for the SEG payments. They (SEG account holder) can decide who payments can be made to however this would be at their own discretion. In most circumstances the landlord claims the payment.

    This would be a conversation between the tenant and landlord. Any changes the landlord would need to contact us.
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    Hi @savage ,

    Strictly speaking, I'd argue that you should get the SEG payments as the active tenant, since you currently have control over the supply. It kinda depends on your tenancy agreement though and you may need to discuss this one with your landlord to figure out the details. It is possible to keep the SEG account completely separate from the supply account though, so if your landlord insists on taking the SEG payments for himself, that can be arranged without affecting who controls the supply account.
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