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    My smart reader usually sends eon next my gas and electricity readings on the 17th of each month.

    Unfortunately on my online account i could only see that my electricity reading has been sent on 17th march 22.

    I phoned the helpline and an advisor called margaret advised me. She could not connect and pull gas readings from the gas meter even today. Therefore i had to give manual readings of my electric and gas so that a bill can be generated for this month in due course.

    i was told that because i was able to see readings on both the gas and electric smart readers and also because the electric has been sent it could be a one off that the gas was not sent on this occasion due to signal problems.

    If i had problems with readings in the past the advisors were always able to pull them through.
    Therefore I am most worried about the advisors not being able to connect to pull the gas reading even today after it had failed to send it automatically yesterday.

    I am really worried based on the posts by others about eon next and problems with gas readings not being sent by the smart meters.

    I was hoping if one of the technical teams can check why my gas reading was not sent on the 17th and why it is not able to be pulled from the smart reader by the advisors?

    I dont want answer of "wait and see" as the most worrrying part is the advisors not being able to connect at all to pull a gas reading.

    Please can you re-establish this connection to my gas smart meter.

    Thank you
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    There is nothing worrying in all this . So it missed one reading - its not the end of the world is it? There are people with much more significant issues.
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    Ok mate thanks for your input. Did i belittle anyone else's issues for you to say there are people with bigger issues? It was an issue i hoped could be seen by technical advisors on this forum, wasn't expecting a reply like yours. My point is if it is something can be done to stop it becoming a big ongoing issue.
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    I am pleased for you. Most other contributors here are other members of the public, who do not have access to Eon next's systems, so only the few eon next members could take this forward. But in the scheme of things it was currently a very minor issue which perhaps had the potential to become an irritant. But your advisor seems to have done the trick for you, so there really wasn't any need to worry, was there?
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    @SyedT I have exactly the same issue...only just noticed no gas readings have been taken since November. I've submitted a reading but not sure I've done it right as it's a huge jump since the last reading. I've emailed so hoping to get sorted.
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    @Twilk66 Anasa here 👋 Welcome to the Community! I've had a quick look at your account and allseems to be up to date and we're getting your reads. If you need to reach out again you know where we are! if you have any free time and love a challenge with a wordsearch why not head over to our post Wordsearch you say? 🙂
    We want to talk to you about your waste, and more importantly what you do with it! head over have a bit of fun and have your say!
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