Need a new IHD? SmartView 2 not working? Here's some alternative IHD options

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    Hi - I'm new on this forum ... I've just come across this thread and can't be bothered to read all 20 pages so this might already have been covered.

    However many thanks to @theunknowntech 's initial post ... (slightly out-of-date re-mobile phone apps) which lead me to the web-page, at the bottom of which are links to the Android/Apple "Bright" app

    I've luckily got a SMETS2 meter (Landis+Gyr E470) and IHD - no need to buy any additional hardware just download the app; provide them with the GUID code (global unique identifier) from the IHD or from the SmartMeter display itself (Google for the button presses required)

    This then allows the app to link to your unique smart meter, then bingo you've got all the usage data you cold possibly hope for on your phone - even download the data in CSV format to a spreadsheet etc.
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    Bright is a really good app. Sadly, mine stopped showing usage data on 8 July, as did the Eon Next app, and I haven’t been able to do a thing about it.
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    @JoeSoap - that's a pain 😔

    I'm a bit of a newbie with all this, but learned a hell of a lot about smart meters and the DCC etc yesterday

    One thing I've noticed with the limited amount of data being shown by the EonNext app so far (only just switched supplier, and there's 4 day lag) is that their daily energy usage display doesn't match the values that Bright is picking up from the DCC

    I'm sure that they must be reading the same DCC database as Bright does, so don't understand why they don't show the same result - I haven't got enough data yet to see whether the combined weekly amounts match - presumably they will 🤞

    I know you'll be up to speed on this, but for anyone else who wants to understand a bit more about Smart meters and the DCC, this is a great source of info
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    I don’t really use the Eon Next app for usage data as Bright is much better. I only tend to mention the lack of data there as to me it shows the problem is probably not solely with Bright but is with wherever the apps get the data from.
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    Hehehe, I have a good mentor. :)

    There's a legendary Blastoise who taught me all I know. Some say he watches over this forum from time to time...
    Just another guy passing by... The unknown tech way...
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    I had a hell of a time trying to get to fix my smart meters. Eventually they swap electric meter, still not working, second swap and a delay, electric meter smart again. Not gas though, I badgered them for 9 months, opened ombudsman case. Still nothing. So I left and joined octopus, got a call from you leaving us? Me: my gas meter isn't smart. why didn't you call us, we would fix it me: i tried for 9 months, you refused to fix it" i can hear the despair in her voice after that. she heard that many times. No joined up thinking at

    Octopus replaced my smart meter and i got a new CAD/IHD from Hildebrand Glow and its all working fine
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    E.ON Next fitted replacement SMETS2 smart meters on 17th August and there’s still an ongoing problem with the gas meter communicating with both my IHDs. The SmartView2 they supplied says that it can’t connect to the gas, so I invested in an ivie BUD, and that also displays ‘Gas not connected’. I’ve tried resetting the HAN on the gas meter but that doesn’t help.

    I first had S2 smart meters fitted years ago but they’ve never worked properly with any of the suppliers I’ve been with, so I just gave up in the end. But I thought I give it another try at the beginning of this year but it’s still not resolved.

    I’ve attached an image of the SV2, and the odd thing is that it shows the correct meter reading but the Supply Status is OFF and the MPRN info is blank.

    E.ON are receiving smart readings from both meters but the gas meter refuses to talk to the IHDs, and until they can send a technician out to fix it, I’m stuck. In the meantime, any suggestions?

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    @theunknowntech Name:  SmartMeter.jpg
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Size:  42.6 KBThank you for excellent article.

    Had this meter installed recently but not IHD left. Despite contacting EoN still nothing so will have to sort myself with your help please?

    I assume this is SMETS2 as just installed. Without an IHD how can I read the display using keypad. By pressing buttons 1 6 or 9 I seem to get data which means something but I'm unclear what tariff I'm on as it is displaying a different price depending on time of day. Is there a link somewhere to getting a manual for this meter as again EoN have be singularly unhelpful.

    Keep up the good work!
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    Does anyone know if there are any workarounds planned for those of us in flats or apartments where all the meters are in a communal-area on the ground-floor?

    When my meter was in "SMETS1" mode, the In-Home Display unit used to work, as it got its data via the mobile-phone networks, so as-long-as it could receive a signal, it worked. However, since the remote-update of my meter to make it "SMETS2-compliant" a year-or-so ago, I've not been able to use the IHD as it now has to contact the meter directly, and I'm not close to where the communal-room is.

    I understand a government-appointed body called the "DCC" are supposed to be suggesting workarounds, but has anything been done on this?

    For example, could live-readings not somehow be sent through the earth-wire, similar to how repeaters work for your home-broadband? Or would it not be possible to see either live, or at-least half-hourly updates, within the E•ON Next mobile app?

    It does feel that for those of us who live in places where the meter is not in our property, we don't really get the full-benefits of having a smart-meter!