Combine two eon next accounts into one?

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    I currently have two separate accounts, one for gas and one for electricity. This is because my electricity account was moved across from powershop and I was already with eon for gas.

    I'd like to get smart meters fitted but I've been told this isn't possible as I have two separate accounts.
    So I'd like to get my two accounts merged into one duel fuel account, but I've been told that this isn't possible either due to technical constraints.

    This is crazy! How can I get smart meters fitted please?
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    Hi @ChrisNP Firstly, welcome to the Community πŸ˜„

    Unfortunately, at the moment, there is a slight system constraint which prevents us from merging your two accounts under one account number (not ideal I know, and this is something being looked into)

    As you have both gas and electricity, we would need them both under the same account number for us to be able to book this. This is because once the Smart Meters are installed, they need to be under the same account number for them to function properly within our system.

    I'm afraid I'm unable to provide a time-frame for when this will be possible, it's been being worked on for a while now so hopefully soon 🀞

    ​​​​​​​Pete 😊
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    Hi @ChrisNP ,

    For this one, it might be possible, but I'd have to ask @PeterT_EONNext to stop by. I fail to see how either option is impossible - and if it is then your only option would be to leave E.On Next and go dual-fuel elsewhere which would result in a combined account.
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    Any updates on this please?
    Or am i still stuck with two accounts and no smart meters?
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    Hey @ChrisNP,

    Unfortunately at the moment as @PeterT_EONNext has advised we are not able to change it to a dual fuel account, this is still being worked on in the background however we don't have any date for when this will happen yet i'm afraid. All we can really do is let you know once this is possible.

    Deb 🌻
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    I have also had this problem from the start with Eon Next. One of the worst companies I have ever used. When they set up my account, they set them up as 2 separate accounts, with no explanation or logical reason why. Both accounts were opened at the same time, as I had just moved, so there was zero reason that this should have happened. Now they tell me that I cannot have smart meters, because of their error. The whole situation is unbelievable. I can even leave them for another supplier, as I would end up paying more.

    I have never hated a business as much as Eon Next. Their customer services team are generally incompetent, avoid answering difficult questions, and are quite rude. I feel like I am held to ransom with them now. Appalling company