Prepayment Meters - How much can you top up?

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    Just wondering if anyone knows what the maximum amount both the gas and electricity prepayment meters can hold?

    We use our property as a serviced accommodation unit so because we don't live/visit the property regularly ourselves, having a prepayment meter is a bit of nightmare so we want to top it up to the maximum possible to ensure our guests don't run out of credit and stop us from having to make constant top ups every month or even more regularly.

    Also I've been told they are not changing prepayment meters over to direct debit at the moment? Has anyone else been told the same thing or is it possible to get this changed over asap?
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    Hi 53degreesproperty Welcome to the Community! 😄

    With the gas and electricity meters, the key and card can be topped up a maximum of £49 at a time and the meters will hold a maximum of £249 credit. I understand this probably isn't ideal with the situation you've described above.

    We're not changing Prepayment meters for standard Credit meters at the moment as we're still in the process of ironing out some issue with our Credit Checking system - This needs to be fully working before we can change anyone from Prepayment to Credit (It's coming very soon though, so this will be an option not long from now!)

    I'm sorry that I can't provide a more accurate time-frame for the above, but if you check back within the next couple of months, this should be something we can help you with.

    Thanks - Pete 😊
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