Funds disappeared from account when moving to EON Next PAYG

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    Hi all,
    I have a prepayment smart meter and was moved from EON to Eon Next last week, initially, the £106 that was on my EON a/c moved over to EON Next but that shortly disappeared and I was warned that I was running out of credit. I topped up with 4 payments, none of which made any difference to my balance. I tried using the code supplied but that came up as "duplicate" on the meter. I've had to go to my dads 100 miles away as, because of health problems I have to have power.

    I need to get home but can't while the power is off, any help appreciated.

    TIA, Drew.
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    Hi @Drewski ,

    Uh oh, that's not a good sign. I'll get @PeterT_EONNext to see if he can help fix this as I can't resolve account specific issues as a forum volunteer. If you rely on electricity for health reasons, I would definitely recommend coming off Pay As You Go and switching to a Pay Monthly tariff, so that you can avoid this situation in the future.
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    I've just tried topping up yet another, (and my last), £10 and still no power 😟
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    Hi @Drewski

    I'm really sorry to hear about this, as it definitely shouldn't be happening 😔

    If you have health conditions that mean you need your supply on at all times, we'll need to look into this for you right away. Due to your circumstances, we can look to move you to billing and off of Smart Pay As You Go if this is something you'd like us to do also.

    Please send us a message over on Facebook or Twitter so that one of our dedicated Digital Energy Specialists can get this sorted for you ASAP (if you include the word emergency, your message will be prioritised so please do this)

    I hope this is sorted for you soon, and should be after you message us over on our social media.

    Thanks - Pete 😊
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