Toofy Thursdays!

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    Happy Thursday everyone!! 😎

    I hope the weather for everyone is okay today? It's been a right mix here! πŸŒžπŸŒ§β„
    We have officially passed hump day, but I feel like despite these gloomy times we could all do with a pick me up! Who doesn't love one right? So today I introduce to you...TOOFY THURSDAYS! I want to see pictures of any animals that make you laugh or smile, dogs, cats, unicorns, you name it and I wanna see it! (bonus points for a picture with teeth).

    I'll kick us off, here's a picture of my dog Beryl, not her finest look; but certainly very accurate to how she is majority of the time πŸ˜‚.

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    Joey is adopted from Cats Protection when he was a kitten 5 years ago. We could take him to cat shows, but he is a bit feral and doesn't like being groomed but spends most of his time hunting and bringing his catches home and loves showing off his skills of tree climbing and ambushing our other cat for play (not pictured) or even us if my wife and I make too much of a fuss over him!
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    Happy Toothy Thursday! here is Maisy! 🐢 she's my sisters rescue dog, this is her on the way to her Fur - ever home 🏠 this morning 😊
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    Here's my beautiful girl Nugget. 1/15 chickens - I hope it's okay because chickens don't have teeth! 😁
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    This is my Max (Maxwell) he is 3 & is VERY naughty! He is always up to mischief, he loves to climb trees, roofs, curtains πŸ™„ and people πŸ‘€ he likes to sit on my shoulder although he is much too big now so it doesn't always work out how he wants it to 🀣
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