Are you being scammed ?

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    For over years I have been emailing eon backwards and forwards regarding having a second eon account running, the tenants of whom lived in the flats where I previously lived.

    Beware of the scam of taking down your prepayment meter number then being able to move and register you with a new account in your name and have free electricity, this has also happened to my gas also.

    Eon do not seem to mind that these individuals can do this in a central bedfordshire council new build property. Also the installation of heavy duty cabling which with an app or like hive can controll and surge electrisity/ or block flues to people they dont like
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    Just before I get started, I need to mention that I'm only a forum volunteer and I'm not employed by E.On or E.On Next. Everything in my comments is my personal opinion and not official.

    If you are a landlord, it's strongly recommended to immediately transfer control of all supplies and utilities over to the tenant as soon as they move in, so that you're not responsible for them. While it might seem friendly to bundle these into the tenancy agreement and service charges, it can open you up to a lot of risk.

    What you're describing above sounds to me like a fraudulent sign-up and in these cases it's important to alert the supplier as soon as possible so that it can be investigated. If the sign-up is found to be fraudulent, there are processes in place across the industry to resolve it, similar to the how Erroneous Transfer processes can restore your supply back to the original supplier if you get switched by mistake.

    If you have any further concerns about this kind of thing, please contact customer service. I can't assist you with an issue like this one I'm afraid.
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    Hey @Tommy43

    This doesn't sound good at all! With you saying you've been in touch with us over a number of years I am wondering if it was E.ON rather than E.ON Next you were speaking to - we've only really been around for 18 months.

    However, any E.ON accounts will become E.ON Next accounts (if they haven't already) so we should still be able to help!

    Do you want to send me a direct message with your name, address and any account details you have? that'll keep all your details safe as only me and you can read them, but means I can take a look into what's been going on.


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    I actually been trying to sort a problem out for a dear freind whom had her eon account scammed online and password changed. Today she has made contact with the director of eon and has managed to set up a new account but the property in question is still running an eon smart meter in her name and has paid no bills in nearly three years at the property. How can this be able to happen , also they have installed heavy duty cabling through garden area and are connecting their supplies to other properties. This ia a central bedfordshire council new build property, full of criminal activity. I beleive this is a police matter and they are using false ID at the property.
    Hope you can sort out the mess, also gas, and water supplies are connected I would be grateful if you could send this to british gas and anglian water.
    Regards Tom
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    Hi @Tommy43,

    Please don't post personal information on the open forum. I have had to ask a moderator to remove it again for privacy reasons. With all due respect, may I kindly request that it's not posted a third time.

    If you believe energy theft is being committed, please report it via .
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    @Tommy43 If I were your friend, and you, I would only send personal information now via encrypted email such as a email hosting service such as Protonmail
    The reason is that if you have been a victim of identity theft, they won't be able to hack your emails and any personal information sent this way.
    I also suggest you use a VPN and a good antivirus program and password manager such as Bitdefender
    You can try out free versions if you can't afford the paid versions but you may need to go to different providers if you want to do it without charge.
    In addition, I would report this to the police as well.
    Finally, the local paper love to report on such things.
    These people are not only ripping off poor people, but they are putting their lives in danger from gas explosions and fire and electrocution!
    Let us know how things go.
    Wishing you well

    Eon Next Customer