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    I was an Igloo customer and transferred to Octopus just before they went into administration. My credit of £143.61 was transferred to you. I have a screen shot of the final credit and the e-mail from Igloo notifying me that me credit was sent to E.On Next. Although I have contacted you in December and again today I have received no communication regarding the funds from E.ON Next, no response to my enquiry and no refund.

    I am posting here in case others are experiencing similar issues and in the hope that this may highlight the matter and that the refund will be sent promptly. It is now 3 months and 3 weeks since my switch. Whilst I appreciate that it is not ideal that Igloo transferred my balance to you rather than my new supplier I would greatly appreciate some contact / explanation regarding the delay in the refund and some assistance.
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    Hey @IGL

    It's great to have you as part of the community

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    Our very own Nextie @PeterT_EONNext created a thread a while back that you may find useful: Igloo/Symbio Final Credits if that doesn't answer your question you can contact our energy specialists and they will be more than happy to help you out you can find our contact details here 😊
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    the post referred to says all credits passed from igloo to eon next despite the customer having transferred elsewhere have been repaid via cheque. This forum member appears to have been missed.

    the customer has tried customer services and is getting nowhere. Why not get hold of the members details by PM and get somebody to call him/her to finally resolve the matter.

    Personally I'd raise a formal complaint - it might take time but it will eventually get the matter resolved by people with knowledge and authority.
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