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    I have had my warm home discount accepted weeks ago I have rang twice I am awaiting the voucher but I now have 50p on my meter sitting with my three year old about to give all my frozen food away before it goes to waste as I can’t afford to have the freezer on I am desperate I can’t afford to move forward with the meter going at such an extraordinary rate I’m just constantly constantly putting money on it I get £121 a fortnight of what £60 is going on the meter

    Where is the voucher for goodness sake all my neighbours have had theirs already
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    It must be said however all members of staff on the phone at eOn next has been extremely helpful and I would say well above average in there helping and understanding of our situation as it is not just us it is most of the working class at the moment that has been affected and put out of work by Covid excellent service
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    @Roydavies irony of waking up to rip off Britain on tv , saying energy costs ransoms ,, me & my child a light on & cooked a dinner in 24 hrs gone from £2 to £4 left in emergency stil no response 😞😞😞😞😞
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    @Roydavies Hey there, Beki here. 👋 It's so wonderful to have such lovely feedback from you about the customer service. We always aim to go above and beyond for every customer.
    I'm sorry I've only just got in touch in regards to your prepay meter and Warm Home Discount, I can see from your account that you have spoke to someone in the meantime.

    I understand that it can be annoying waiting for the voucher in the post and I can assure you, that your application was approved on the 19th Jan after your application on the 16th Jan. This means that it is in process and on its way to you. 🙌

    I would never want to leave anyone at home and unable to put the heating/electric on in their property due to financial difficulties and so I wanted to let you know that we are able to offer discretionary credit on these occasions. We would just take a few details and work out how much you need to get you through. 😊

    If I/we can help in anyway please reach out, either here on the Community (not 24 hrs as I need my beauty sleep) or through Facebook/Twitter as we are there 24/7 albeit very busy at the moment 😍

    Just shout if you need me 😊