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    Hello hattie and everyone,
    Just changed from EON PAYG to EON NEXT PAYG and not a good start i'm afraid, never had a problem with topping up or my balance not showing correctly on both my online account or the smart meter display until now...here is the email i sent eon yesterday after twice ringing them and being left on hold for over 20 mins on both occasions...i will message them via facebook also in the hope that someone actually replies.

    Regards wayne

    Dear sir/madam
    Good morning, i’ve recently changed from E.O.N PAYG TO Next Flex Smart PAYG , changed my password and everything is up and running on the web site and the app on my phone....except that my account needs updating as it shows the last update was midnight on the 11/12/2021....it’s not showing my true amount of credit for gas or electric and I topped up £5 on each this morning and it’s not showing that either....i usually get a message saying that’s it’s been successful and an email saying payment has been taken but nothing has arrived for either...i checked my payment history and it does show on there...please can you sort this out...i did try ringing you this morning twice...but gave up after 20mins on both occasions.

    Wayne jones
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    Hey @taffy51 thanks for taking the time to post. Sorry you haven't had a response sooner, the community isn't always manned so sometimes posts get missed.

    How did you get on with our energy specialists over on the socials?
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