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    I was a customer with Igloo and was transferred to Eon Next on 3rd October. I had a lot of credit with Igloo, and have also now received my final bill from them. I am now due a credit refund of £171. When I transferred to Eon, I was in the process of switching to Sainsburys Energy (actually also run by Eon) so both have the same account number and show identical bills, meter readings, etc. All the account working are fine. So since the transfer I was advised by Eon that as I switched (it was completed on 7th October) that I would receive a refund credit cheque from Eon, once I had final bill from Igloo - I got that on 2nd December. Anyway, I have messaged countless times and been told varying and quite untrue things by the Eon reps, today, that Igloo would be refunding my credit! I told them to read their own pages of advice, which clearly detail that I will receive a cheque from Eon. So I've asked countless times if a cheque is on the way, and can get no sensible reply, I'm thinking I will have to contact Ofgem on this, or perhaps just cancel my direct debit with Eon Next and wait til I get my refund to pay off whatever costs I have by then. I've always taken great care to stay in credit with my energy costs, and quite frankly the thought of being in fuel debt is very worrying. Does anyone have any idea what I should do or any advice, it would be most appreciated.
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    Hi all

    Really sorry to hear that you've all been given mixed messages, taking over this many customers from another supplier where we don't have full access to their systems and accounts is a new one for us, but no excuse for confusing messages.

    Just to clarify, if you changed supplier before Symbio/Igloo ceased trading and have received your final bill showing a credit but not received a refund from them, we will be issuing these refunds via cheque.

    In these situations as your supply never moved over to us as part of the supplier of last resort process, we won't have any of your details showing in our system (Mabel I know you've moved to Sainsbury's which is slightly different). We do have a small team of people we can contact internally who have access to information about customers who changed supplier before Symbio/Igloo ceased trading.

    Mabel, I've already passed your details to this team to look into where your credit is sat currently and a timescale and I can see you've since contacted us through email and one of our digi specialists has done the same. Even without the Christmas break the team are dealing with a lot of requests, and whilst they can advise on time scales they can't process any credits that are still sat with the administrators - but these will reach us. Hannah from our digi team will keep you updated.

    If you haven't changed suppliers and instead were moved from Symbio/Igloo over to E.ON Next, the majority of payments have been transferred over to us. There have been some delays to any payments made after the supplier ceased trading, but if you haven't seen the correct credit transferred onto your E.ON Next account we can look into this. It's the same process as above, as we still can't see the details of your accounts previously but the small internal team can.

    If you haven't already I'd recommend contacting us via direct message on Facebook or Twitter including a copy/screenshot of your final bill with Igloo/Symbio showing the correct credit. Our digi team can then get this raised with the internal team to investigate.


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    Hi Mabel

    A bit disappointing no-one has replied to you! I'm in the same boat but with Symbio. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything. There's probably plenty of us around.
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    Thanks BusyBee :)
    I got a ridiculous reply saying I had to get Igloo to return my credit!! I did kick up quite a fuss after that... no apology for the appalling way the rep behaved but they did say that they would be chasing it up. I'll give them a few days, if I don't hear, my debit will be cancelled. I know it's a busy time all round, but there's no excuse for the way I've been treated. Hope you get your credit back soon, and I will also update if there is any result :)
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    again while I cant answer your query, I also came from igloo and had a credit balance of £580, since being moved to eon next I have had no final bill off igloo but just checking my payment section I note a transfer of £320+ on 7th Oct
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    I'm a passing forum volunteer, but I don't work for E.On.

    It sounds to me as if your account is getting a little messed up as a result of being on "two" suppliers at once. While this might not be related to your refund issue, you will want to get this fixed as it will otherwise cause headaches later on.

    Without access to your accounts, I have no way to see what's happening or if a refund/credit transfer has been issued. However, cancelling your Direct Debit won't help as that will run the risk of debt collection being activated. Instead, I'd suggest using the complaints process and if you don't get anywhere within eight weeks, take the matter to the Energy Ombudsman. While Igloo and Symbio are no longer around, the Appointed Supplier is responsible for dealing with refunds and credit transfers, so this sort of thing can be considered by the Ombudsman.

    Good luck!
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    Hey @Mabel.

    Beki here, the Community Manager. 👋 Thank you for your patience with a response. The forum is mainly designed for customer-to-customer interaction and so account specific questions can't be answered by anyone except Energy Specialists. Whilst we are here to moderate and oversee, this does mean you may not get an immediate answer to your query. The best way to get in touch with one of us is to call us or to pop us a message on Facebook/Twitter.

    That being said, I would love to have a look into your account for you, so I can check what is going on and advise you further. I'll need your name, account number and email address in a private message to do this.

    Always happy to help 😊
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    Same here.
    OFGEM makes it clear Eon are responsible. I phoned early December and was told it will be sorted, 2 weeks later I’m told it’s not their responsibility.
    obviously company policy to dodge so OFGEM next stop.
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    An Update: I messaged Beki (Community Manager) as she requested with all the details of this woeful situation. So we'll see if that brings any results.
    Latest email from customer service (21 December) was "Your refund was not sent in the last batch of credits, so we need to check if it was sent in the recent credit refunds sent two days ago. I work out of hours so I am dependent on responses through the day for which I read in evenings. I will update you accordingly. Alternatively you can call us during the day for a response on the call on 0808 501 5200".
    This gives me no reason for hope or optimism.
    I've kept a full dossier of all the lies, misinformation and woeful inadequacy that I've been subject to in trying to retrieve MY MONEY.
    So, yes, it will be the Ofgem next.
    Thank you for the supportive messages and sorry it's not better news.

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    just an update, had my first (emailed)Eon bill so, at least in my case, it is working-my final bill off Igloo offered no meter readings etx just a amount taken and amount for transfer so you have to trust they got their figures right ☹ the bill from Eon does include a Oct payment to igloo(I cancelled the DD & the Nov one) hopefully they sort yours out soon Name:  bill.png
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