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    09-05-21 , 09:03

    @Richtea78 Hi again :)

    You're absolutely right we've bought an existing supplier, but because we've got a new business model, new ways of working and managing energy accounts, and different systems to them, we have essentially started from scratch in building a new supplier.

    I know npower got lots of good feedback about their website - ours has a lot to live up to when we get it there! Sadly, because we're using those different systems and different billing frequencies, etc, their website and our systems sadly weren't compatible, so we're having to start from scratch to build the online account management tools they were praised for!

    ​​​​​​​Beth :)
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    09-05-21 , 09:33

    Maybe you should have built them before forcibly switching everyone over to a half working site. I’m now going to leave eon as soon as my contract is up and will never come back. Hopefully enough other customers will do the same that you realise how badly you have messed up