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    Feed In Tariff - Meter Reading Reminders
    2 Weeks Ago

    I was previously an nPower customer but they have now been taken over by e-on next. When I was with nPower they would send me an email every three months to ask for the reading from my Feed-in tariff meter for my solar panels. It was very simple!

    Now my account has been taken over by eon the system is much more clunky! The last quarter I received a letter in the post asking me for the reading. This quarter I have not received any reminder but luckily I had made a note on my calendar so I logged in and submitted the reading.

    It's not a major problem but I do wonder if some customers might miss out on submitting meter readings (there is a time window) and therefore the payments.

    So some on Eon! Why don't you just set up an email reminder with a box to enter the reading and send it out every quarter. If you don't know how to do this then just contact someone from the old nPower team and they will tell you how to do it!
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    1 Week Ago

    @Thornebt Hey there thank you for taking the time to post on our Community! Thank you for your comments re the FIT meter reading reminders. I have passed this over to the tech team :)

    ​​​​​​​Sending positive energy to you,
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