App version 2!

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    Or you could have just left everyone on NPower till you had working systems in place like a responsible company. Instead you’ve basically shown you don’t care about customers
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    At least they didn't go with the dreaded Khoros forum software.

    Well I hope they didn't and custom skinned it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strat View Post
    At least they didn't go with the dreaded Khoros forum software.

    Well I hope they didn't and custom skinned it.

    Took me months to find this comment again, since the forum search seems to be really broken and I had to manually trawl every single thread after I lost sight of it.

    It didn't take me that long to figure out that this forum isn't running on Khoros though - about 30 seconds in fact (and yes, that platform is absolutely horrible and I absolutely loathe it)! It's actually running on vBulletin with a custom skin that basically overrides almost everything and doesn't exactly do a great job of it. I'm actually forced to use the mobile version constantly, since at least the mobile view relies less on the hacky overrides and more on the default vBulletin skin. It's the only way I can get this thing to work without breaking every five seconds.

    vBulletin isn't actually too bad in general provided you don't mess with it too much. But the problem here is that vBulletin is designed more for social purposes than it is for support purposes. And it breaks very easily if you try to "hack core" so to speak, by doing things in ways that aren't intended... Like completely overriding the skin with something based on Bootstrap when vBulletin isn't actually compatible with Bootstrap - unless you're willing to put loads of effort into developing all sorts of compatibility hacks into the skin as well (which doesn't seem to have been the case here).

    If you do it right, then yes you can pull it off - and there are vBulletin mods/extensions out there which can add features which are useful for support communities. But it's not as simple as browsing a catalogue and installing whatever seems to work. You have to do a lot of research and testing to make sure it'll actually work (and also avoid any dodgy stuff).

    Still no sign of any apps coming soon though... I wonder what even happened to them?
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    I'm afraid I have more pressing matters to deal with than wrestling with this company's forum.
    It reminds me of one of those mazes like at Hampton Court Palace.